Daniel Alex

Teacher of English at Promova

Interests: Traveling, sport and music.

My usual working hours

13:00-04:00 UK time from Monday to Friday

13:00-21:00 UK time on Saturdays and Sunday

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My teaching style 🎯

When I teach I adapt the content towards my students' needs. I have the expertise to accommodate lessons depending on the goals and objectives you desire to attain. In addition, I'm fond of covering the 4 principal learning areas (speaking, writing, listening, reading) in each class to complement a through experience. Nevertheless, I'm aware of the vast majority of students who prefer to enhance the speaking and writing parts, and thus I'll nurture your learning with the best top-notch guidance and practice so you can master the productive skills.

In terms of feedback, I don’t correct on the spot. On the contrary, I impart it after activities have concluded. I consider allowing students talking without pauses and interruptions boosts their fluency and confidence considerably. Therefore, I'll point out reformulations and make discovery questions to reassure you grasp the aims of the lesson.

I support the classes' information by coming up with at least 3 examples in terms of grammar, vocabulary, context, etc. You can assure I’ll solve all the questions you might have when you require them. Furthermore, I conduct real-life scenario activities because those are the ones you can apply on a daily basis. With that being said, A you’ll feel fulfilled to demonstrate your English abilities to anyone!

Education and professional development 🖋

  • BBA in International Businesses, Universidad de Guadalajara - Jalisco, Mexico Registered professional license in Mexico
  • CELTA from Cambridge English Language Assessment

I’ll be a good match if you’d like to… 🏆

  • train for IELTS or TOEFL exams
  • learn business English (I have more than 3 years of professional proven track record)
  • keen on increasing your vocabulary range and develop fluency skills
  • empower your confidence to talk freely and without hesitations

In addition to work,…🎨

  • I enjoy travelling, my favourite spot is Alice Springs, Australia
  • In my spare time I keep up with local events and attractions
  • I workout 3 times a week, mostly cardio and lifting weights
  • I love eating foreign cuisines, my favourites are Indian, Chinese and Italian
  • I'm a native Spanish speaker, I can teach you some words too!
  • I'm a lifelong music listener, I'm interested to hear genres from all over the world

What students say

JihyeSep 21, 2023
He is very good tutor to me. I wanted to practice to speaking, so he has trying to make a chance speaking opportunities for me. I am very satisfied in his tutoring.
JosephOct 25, 2023
Hi Jane, I really enjoyed my lesson just now with Martinez. I want to book another lesson for tomorrow at the same time. Help. Joseph.
MaxAug 12, 2023
It was good! I will meet him again for more lessons! Sent from Proton Mail for iOS
NigoraFeb 1, 2024
It was great. Thank you, I like tutor and his teaching seems to be effective
NatelaDec 24, 2023
I like studying English with Daniel, the lessons are always interesting and lively. He makes sure that any embarrassment or barriers go away, while always giving feedback and correcting very carefully. In the 3 months that I have been studying with Daniel, I have seen an improvement in my pronunciation and enrichment of my vocabulary. I like that Daniel is so supportive of my interests in class, he is completely passionate about the process. Also I like my manager Amanda, she is very nice and helpful point. It's a pleasure to work with her. I wish the entire Promova team prosperity.