Teacher of English at Promova

Interests: Swimming, reading, traveling

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My teaching style 🎯

My method in teaching has always been student-centred and more of a facilitator. I tend to ask a lot of questions to the students in order for them to practice their English and if they commit errors I often correct them and give them some feedback on how it will be improved or what other ways to say what's on their mind.

I try to include as much vocabulary, phrases and idioms as I can so that aside from the teaching material that is provided I can also give additional information.  I also like to conduct free talks with topics that are interesting for my students as my goal for this is to generate ideas and enhance their speaking skills.

I like to keep things simple as I believe it is easier to learn something complex when it is broken down into the essential points that are needed in order to remember them quickly. Instead of learning all the definition, I give alternative key words and expression in order for my students to make English fun and enjoyable.

Education and professional development 🖋

  • Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education Major in English - ELJMC , Nueva Ecija Philippines
  • English Proficiency in language skills institute - Nueva Ecija, Philippines
  • Certificate in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
  • Completed Training in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

I’ll be a good match if you’d like to… 🏆

  • practice conversation skills
  • learn Business English
  • improve grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary
  • enhance writing skills