Teacher of English at Promova

Interests: Sports, running and hiking, studying languages

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My teaching style 🎯

I wish to be more of a companion to you, than a supervisor on the path of learning English because studying can and should be fun and enjoyable. From my point of view, it is important to feel comfortable during lessons and not be afraid of making mistakes or not knowing something.

I believe that being able to communicate is the most important thing, that is why I will always create opportunities for you to speak and try your hand at new topics and situations. However, be ready to work on your pronunciation at any time. Moreover, you will always have an opportunity to correct your mistakes without being interrupted.

I can confidently say that combining the practice of all skills and learning new vocabulary will give you great results, so brace yourself and prepare for a fun ride :)

Education and professional development 🖋

  • BA in the Japanese language and literature, the English language, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv - Kyiv, Ukraine
  • CELTA from Cambridge English Language Assessment

I’ll be a good match if you’d like to… 🏆

  • speak as much as possible and work on your fluency
  • work on your pronunciation and listening skills
  • learn vocabulary to use it
  • feel comfortable making mistakes, because they are an essential part of learning a language

In addition to work,…🎨

  • I am keen on embroidery
  • I love studying languages: Japanese has been my obsession for the last 5 years
  • I enjoy doing sports, such as running and hiking
  • You will never catch me doing nothing: I enjoy trying out new hobbies :)