Learning Games for 4 Year Olds

If you are a parent looking for the best educational games for 4 year olds, Keiki App has got you covered. Your kid will love learning new things through playing, watching cartoons, and singing songs.


Our safe, age-appropriate environment is crafted by skilled educators and child development experts. Support your kid's cognitive and physical capability with highly beneficial activities they can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Learning Made Fun

It shouldn't feel like homework. Make it a playground!


Keiki App turns learning into game playing with rewards, competition, and challenges. Your child will have fun sorting objects by shape and color. They’ll engage in dress-up activities that spark creativity and develop fine motor skills. Matching games will strengthen their concentration and memory. Counting animals, birds, and insects will help develop foundational math skills (while learning the names of species, their habitats, and even the sounds they make).

Video content

The Keiki App boasts a rich library of videos for children. Interesting cartoons, catchy nursery rhymes, funny songs, classic fairy tales – all these videos are created to reinforce learning concepts. Catchy tunes will help your child learn ABCs and 123s. Animated stories will teach the 4-year-olds about the world around them. Fairy tales will introduce little boys and girls to the magic of storytelling and spark a love for reading that will last a lifetime.

Hands-on activities

The Keiki App is not a classic app that requires hours of training behind a screen. We offer over 100 printable activities. These colorful exercises encourage creativity and hands-on exploration. Just print them out for your child and watch as they cut out shapes, find the way out of the maze, match flashcards, and create collages. These reusable learning tools are perfect for when you need to end screen time without tears.

Surprise & delight

The Keiki App is constantly evolving! We keep things fresh by regularly adding new content. New games, lessons, worksheets, songs, characters, videos – your child will always have something to discover. You never know what exciting update is coming! And the best part? Each new exercise is created by educational experts, so it is perfect for a 4-year-old’s developing brain.


Keiki App turns learning into game playing with rewards, competition, and challenges. Your child will have fun sorting objects by shape and color. They’ll engage in dress-up activities that spark creativity and develop fine motor skills. Matching games will strengthen their concentration and memory. Counting animals, birds, and insects will help develop foundational math skills (while learning the names of species, their habitats, and even the sounds they make).

Invest in your child's future with Keiki App!


Growing Young Minds


Cognitive skills

Due to the fact that games require players to think quickly on their feet and come up with creative solutions in order to progress, our educational activities help children develop cognitive skills and stimulate the healthy development of their nervous system. They also encourage basic skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and concentration. And all this taking into account the safe duration of lessons for children!


Fine motor skills

Keiki App activities encourage the development of fine motor skills essential for future writing and creativity. Popping balloons, tracing shapes, drawing lines, tossing fruits into the basket, dragging the car down the road – all these tasks help strengthen hand-eye coordination and dexterity.


Language & literacy

Catchy tunes with clear pronunciation help with letter and number recognition, while engaging stories spark a love for reading. Keiki App provides a rich and stimulating environment that encourages young minds to explore the world of language. We also focus on literacy skills, like identifying rhyming words and understanding the sounds letters make, which are essential building blocks for future reading success.


Social & emotional skills

All of Keiki’s activities (games, videos, songs) are centered around friendly characters. The first lessons will introduce your child to these virtual companions. Step by step they will learn about their character traits, adventures, and friends. All playful interactions will develop the kid’s social skills and even empathy. For example, the child will have to save the little cub by finding his mom and dad lions. Or collect carrots from the garden to feed hungry rabbits. Or organize the birthday party for a 100-year-old turtle. Your 4-year-old will learn the importance of cooperation and helping others.


Creativity & imagination

The Keiki App goes beyond rote memorization of new concepts and rules. By encouraging open-ended play and exploration, it awakens a child’s creativity and develops imagination. For example, dress-up games will let your 4-year-old to transform into anything they imagine. A brave knight, a dazzling fairy, or a state-of-the-art robot? With Keiki, anything is possible! Creating collages, drawing pictures, science experiments, and role-playing will allow children to express themselves freely and explore their artistic sides.


Communication skills

Keiki activities help children develop strong communication skills. Singing along to catchy tunes, describing pictures, role-playing exercises – all these interactive games allow them to practice using new vocabulary words. And timely repetition of what has been learned guarantees memorization of new information for a long time.


Numeracy skills

Our engaging mini-games make counting fun while sorting activities help them grasp basic math concepts like addition and subtraction. Interactive songs with catchy lyrics reinforce number recognition. Printable activities like following number patterns on a maze further solidify foundational math skills.


Logic & memory

The Keiki app strengthens the brain muscles that help your child process information and solve problems. Our logic puzzles challenge them to think critically and identify patterns. Memory games of increasing difficulty keep their minds sharp and help them develop the ability to recall information.

Learning is a game with Keiki App. Get ready for endless happy moments!


Why Parents Choose Keiki

  • - 01

    Age-appropriate learning content.

  • - 02

    Sensory activities for tactile development.

  • - 03

    Interactive and engaging gameplay.

  • - 04

    Kid-safe, ad-free environment.

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    Cross-platform accessibility.

  • - 06

    Progress tracking dashboards and reports.

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    Activities designed by educational experts.

Frequently asked questions

How does Keiki App tailor learning activities for 4-year-olds?

Keiki App uses a mix of mini-games, sing-alongs, stories, and printable worksheets. All these activities spark curiosity and surprise your little learner with something new around every corner. But more importantly, they build essential skills that help them take on the future with confidence. It's like a personalized playground for their growing mind!

Can parents monitor their child's progress on Keiki App?

Keiki App offers a parent dashboard that lets you see what activities your child enjoys and track their learning progress. You'll be amazed to see them blossoming into little Einsteins (or Mozarts!).

What kind of games does Keiki App offer for preschoolers?

Keiki App offers a diverse range of games including puzzles, memory games, storytelling adventures, interactive songs, and creative art activities. Your child will play with different animals, such as a horse, a dog, a cat, a cow, and more. Each game is designed so a 4-year-old learns about colors, numbers, body parts, letters, etc. They also enhance cognitive abilities, creativity, and social skills in a playful environment.

How does Keiki App ensure a safe and engaging learning environment?

Safety is our top priority! Keiki App is designed with your child's well-being in mind. There are no distracting or age-inappropriate ads. Play and learn without interruptions. Besides, our team of experts creates and reviews all activities to ensure they're fun, educational, and age-appropriate. On top of that, we use secure technology to protect your kid's data and privacy.

Is Keiki App compatible with various devices?

Keiki App is designed to work on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. It provides parents and children with the freedom to enjoy games and activities from anywhere, making it convenient and easily accessible.

How often is new content added to the Keiki App?

We're always cooking up something new at Keiki App! Your kid won't get bored because we're constantly tossing in fresh games and cool activities. Think of it like a magic toy box that keeps surprising them with new stuff to explore. Whether it's fun worksheets or exciting new lessons, we've got a steady stream of goodies coming their way. Keep an eye out – there's always another adventure just around the corner!

Can Keiki App help develop my child’s motor skills and creativity?

Keiki App is packed with fun stuff that gets your little one moving! They'll color, trace, and craft their way to better hand skills. Plus, we've got some really cool creative games and story activities that'll let their imagination run wild. It's all about helping them express themselves and get those creative juices flowing!

How do I start my preschooler’s learning adventure with the Keiki App?

Want to kickstart your little one's learning adventure? Grab the Keiki App! It's a breeze to get started:

  • Got an iPhone? Head to the App Store. Android user? Pop over to Google Play.
  • Download the app - it's free!
  • Set up your account in just a few taps.
  • Dive into a world of fun games and activities perfect for your 4-year-old.

We might ask you a couple of quick questions about your child. This helps us tailor the experience to fit them like a glove. Ready to watch your preschooler learn and grow? Let's go!