Games for 5-Year-Olds

Many parents think that the entertaining games that children love to play on their phones cannot be useful, help them learn, master new skills, and develop imagination. But that's not true!


The Keiki App offers a variety of educational activities designed to nurture the development of 5-year-olds.Let’s build critical thinking skills and foster the creativity of your child together! Keiki has something for every curious boy and girl. And the best part? Watch your youngster grow and flourish with smiles on their faces!

Key Skills Keiki App Develops

— 01Brain builders

Critical thinking and problem solving: Your child will think strategically, analyze situations, and find solutions through Keiki’s puzzles and problem-solving games.

— 02School readiness

Literacy & numeracy: Fun activities help children learn letters, sounds, numbers, and math concepts in a playful way.

— 03Creative sparks

Imagination & expression: Keiki fosters creativity through activities that allow children to explore their ideas. Your five-year-old will create their own stories and, as a result, learn to express themselves freely.

— 04All-around development

Fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination: Interactive activities that involve tapping, dragging, and tracing on-screen improve dexterity, coordination, and control over small movements.

Make Playtime Count


Learn anytime, anywhere

No Wi-Fi? No problem! Keiki works offline. The fun never stops!


Games kids love

Our activities aren't just educational - they're a blast! Dive into a world of engaging games that have captured the hearts (and minds!) of over 3.5 million kids globally. Get ready for smiles and "aha!" moments.


Child-friendly design

We made the application as simple and intuitive as possible. Your little one will be able to explore the world of Keiki on their own. But don't worry, if you want - you can join in and play with your child too! Easy navigation means less frustration and more time to enjoy learning.


Fits your family's life

If you and your child are waiting for an appointment, use the app from your phone. If your 5-year-old prefers a large computer or Smart TV screen at home, let them enjoy Keiki this way. If your kid is sitting in the back seat of the car while you go on a weekend getaway, the app is available on the tablet too!

Help your 5-year-old learn the skills they need to succeed!


Get Started with Keiki

Download the app

It's available for both iOS and Android devices! Search for Keiki App in the App Store or Google Play.

Tailor the experience

Set up a profile that fits your child like a glove. Keiki adapts to the needs, interests and pace of learning of five-year-olds.

Find the perfect fit

Keiki App isn't just another app to keep kids entertained. It's a treasure trove of content suitable for children as young as five that keeps them interested and challenged every step of the way.

Monitor growth

Celebrate milestones and watch your child blossom with our progress tracker. You'll be happy to watch their confidence grow as they master new skills!

Rest easy

Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Keiki's content is backed by child development experts. We also provide a safe and enriching learning environment. What’s best is that our application is loved by thousands of families all over the world. Loving parents recommend downloading it to their friends – thank you for your trust! 

A Universe of Learning Adventures

Discover a world of fun and growth for your 5-year-old!

Learning disguised as play

Who says screen time can't be productive? Keiki's games are like sneaky vegetables in a delicious meal. Your child will be having so much fun, they won't even realize they're building crucial skills. Match shapes, spot differences, build blocks, and solve puzzles – these are some of the dozens of activities for your 6-year-old that keep little minds growing. The best thing is that you can forget about the guilt of “just playing games.

Activities that make learning click

Forget boring drills! Keiki turns learning into an adventure. Our games make mastering letters, numbers, and early reading skills feel like play. Race to collect alphabet bubbles, build number towers, or help animated characters sound out words. These interactive challenges adapt to your child's pace. Keiki ensures that they will be always engaged and challenged just right. Watch the eyes of your 5-year-old light up as they conquer new skills and beg to practice “just one more time!”

Videos that educate and entertain

Say goodbye to mindless cartoons. Keiki's video content captivates while teaching your child valuable lessons. Sing along to catchy songs about shapes. Watch short animated stories that build vocabulary. Enjoy mini-documentaries about animals. All these videos spark curiosity and conversation. This makes them perfect for family viewing or for a quiet moment when you need a break.

Print worksheets and have fun beyond the screen

Sometimes you just need to unplug. That's where Keiki's downloadable worksheets come in handy. Print out colorful mazes, connect-the-dots pictures, or simple craft instructions. These activities are great for road trips, rainy days, or any time you want to mix things up. Plus, they help develop fine motor skills and provide a distraction away from devices.

Learning disguised as play

Who says screen time can't be productive? Keiki's games are like sneaky vegetables in a delicious meal. Your child will be having so much fun, they won't even realize they're building crucial skills. Match shapes, spot differences, build blocks, and solve puzzles – these are some of the dozens of activities for your 6-year-old that keep little minds growing. The best thing is that you can forget about the guilt of “just playing games.

Building a bright future, one game at a time


Keiki's Philosophy

— 01

Play-based learning

We believe that play is the natural way children learn. Our games are designed to make education feel like an adventure, not a chore.

— 02

Holistic development

With the arrival of a baby in the family, parents face a difficult task. Of course, it is necessary to feed, clothe, and love it. But more importantly – to raise a successful, self-sufficient, and harmonious personality. Keiki App nurtures the whole child. It balances cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development.

— 03

Adaptive challenges

Our smart technology adjusts difficulty levels in real time, ensuring your child is always in their growth zone.

— 04

Research-backed methods

Our team collaborates with child development experts to give the best start for your 5-year-old. We incorporate the latest educational research into our games and activities. That’s why Keiki is the only parenting app you will ever need for your kid!

— 05

Parent partnership

Keiki allows parents to participate in their child's learning process actively. An easy-to-use progress tracking tool will keep track of the amount of time spent on activities, which games were especially useful, and which skills you should pay more attention to developing. Personalized recommendations will also be given.


How does the Keiki App cater to the learning needs of 5-year-olds?

Keiki presents activities crafted by educational experts specifically for five-year-olds, focusing on age-appropriate exercises. These games aim to enhance key developmental areas such as literacy, numeracy, problem-solving, and creativity. You can be confident that your child will not encounter dull lectures or hour-long tasks that require excessive perseverance. Instead, they will experience enjoyable and interactive content that adapts to their development.

Can I track my child's progress and achievements with the Keiki App?

Our parent dashboard gives you insight into your child's learning experience. You will see what skills they master. And you will know where they may need a little extra support.

What types of educational games are available on Keiki App for 5-year-olds?

We offer a wide variety! You'll find letter and number recognition games, math challenges, memory games, puzzles, and early reading activities.

How does the Keiki App ensure a child-friendly and safe gaming environment?

Safety is our top priority. First of all, Keiki is ad-free. Secondly, all our content is thoroughly vetted by child development experts. We also use kid-safe navigation to prevent accidental exits or access to external links.

Is the Keiki App accessible on various devices and platforms?

Yes! Keiki understands that every family operates a little differently. That's why our app is designed to be accessible across multiple devices and platforms. Whether your child prefers a tablet, smartphone, or computer, they can enjoy Keiki’s learning adventures seamlessly. This flexibility ensures learning can happen anywhere, anytime. Choose the gadget that best suits your family's needs.

How frequently does the Keiki App release new games and activities?

We're always creating! New content is added monthly, ensuring there's always something fresh and exciting for your little one to explore.

Can Keiki App games adapt to my child's individual learning pace?

Definitely. Our games use adaptive learning technology to adjust difficulty based on your child's performance. Keiki ensures they're always appropriately challenged and motivated.

How do I get started with the Keiki App for my child?

Getting started with Keiki is easy! First, download the app from your device's app store. If you are using an Android device, head to the Play Market. For iPhone or other iOS gadgets, check the App Store. Next, create a profile for your child. We’ll help you personalize the experience to suit your baby's needs to the maximum. To do this, we will ask a few questions about your child, their interests, current skills, and your development goals.