Games for 6 Year Olds

Every parent feels incredible joy when they see their child developing harmoniously. Keiki App is created for that! Our games develop basic skills and turn educational time into an unforgettable adventure.


Why Kids Need Educational Games


Building a strong foundation

The main emphasis in learning during this period is on numbers, letters, and words. And Keiki turns mastering the important skills of basic math, reading, and writing into an exciting game. To teach counting, your six-year-old will count the monkeys in the jungle. To master letters, draw and color ABCs. New words are learned easily with the help of funny songs that children hum all day long.


Rapid cognitive development

Six-year-olds are like sponges, eager to absorb new information. Keiki's games correspond to this speed and curiosity: all activities are not only age-appropriate but also keep up with the child's growth. If the app’s machine learning tool sees that the child easily coped with this task, it will further rebuild the program so that it does not feel boring and too predictable.


Emerging independence

Keiki's clear instructions and intuitive gameplay allow children to explore, learn, and master new skills without constant adult supervision. The six-year-old even begins to feel proud of the feeling of accomplishing something. This, in turn, strengthens the child's self-confidence and develops a love of learning for years to come.


Reading readiness

In a family where there is a tradition of reading, children themselves will gravitate towards books. Keiki App will help with this by teaching sounds (phonetics) and letters. The child will be introduced to new words in exciting contexts, so rich vocabulary development is guaranteed. In addition, a six-year-old will begin to pronounce all sounds clearly and correctly, developing strong phonemic awareness.


Attention span growth

One of the determining factors in a child's adaptation to school is their ability to concentrate and focus. This will affect how and what they learn in class. In addition, inattention in children negatively impacts the development of social and emotional skills. Keiki's games are designed to attract the attention of 6-year-olds with vibrant visuals, fun animations, engaging stories, and interactive elements. By playing these awesome games, children will develop concentration skills that will benefit them both in the classroom and beyond.

The app that makes kids say 'Just 5 more minutes!'


Make Learning Fun

Unveil your child's potential with a diverse library of games

Math marvels

Teaching simple math concepts to young children is a challenging task. Therefore, kids’ introduction to mathematics should take place in a fun and colorful atmosphere that can interest any child, even the restless and energetic one. Keiki’s companions will help children learn numbers from 0 to 10 (and then 100!), the concepts of “more and less”, the basics of counting and geometric shapes, making it easy for them to grasp addition, subtraction, and multiplication effortlessly.

Language explorers

Scientific research confirms that from the day of birth, a child’s brain is programmed for intensive language acquisition. During this period, any language the infant has regular contact with will be acquired naturally and without effort. However, when you start learning a language, you should focus on having fun. Songs, games, reading with the help of pictures - all this will not only allow the child to learn the language, but will also make learning fun.

Science safari

Children's curiosity is their natural desire to explore, learn, and discover. It is the endless “whys” that are the roots of genuine interest. The desire to get answers motivates child to search, to make efforts to obtain answers. It is very important not to force a child to study but to instill in them an internal drive to learn new things. Keiki helps with this: in the app, the child will conduct virtual experiments, explore the wonders of the animal world and investigate the world around them.

Artistic adventures

Children are always happy to have interesting, non-standard tasks and are ready for new experiences. The task of parents is to develop and support this interest. A child whose creative abilities are poorly developed will have difficulty communicating and expressing their thoughts. Often, parents do not attach importance to the fact that their child does not have creative skills. In their opinion, the main thing is that they are successful in their studies. But according to many psychologists, talent development is no less important than academic performance. Color, sing, dance, create stories, design cartoon characters, develop the imagination - Keiki will let your six year old's creativity run free.

Problem-solving puzzles

Just like muscles, the brain needs regular exercise. This is facilitated by Keiki games, where children will need to find a way out of the maze, decipher a secret code, find hidden treasure, overcome obstacles, and complete puzzles. These activities will help develop important problem-solving skills that will benefit your 6-year-old in all aspects of life.

Turning 'Ugh, learning' into 'Yay, Keiki!'


Choose the Perfect Games for Your 6-Year-Old

Finding fun and learning in every play session!

— 01

Consider your child's interests

What are six year olds interested in? What do they like? What do they pay attention to? Choose games that match these interests. But keep an eye on your child’s special hobbies.

— 02

Look for age-appropriate difficulty

Six-year-olds need games that challenge them without being too difficult. On the contrary, games that are too simple will quickly bore them.

— 03

Focus on educational value

Entertainment, cheerful laughter, and relaxation for the brain are good, but also choose games that teach new skills or reinforce existing ones.

— 04

Pay attention to screen time

While playing exciting games, it’s easy to not notice that too much time has passed behind the screen. Encourage healthy habits in your child by setting time limits for gaming sessions.

Warning: may cause extreme smartness


Why parents trust Keiki

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    Age-appropriate content

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    Progress tracking

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    Safe environment

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    Offline access

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    Regular updates

6-Year-Olds Love Keiki

— 01Colorful interface

Keiki's design is bright, engaging, and easy to use. Even without help from grown-ups, your child can navigate the app with confidence. This fosters a sense of independence and accomplishment.

— 02Rewarding achievements

Learning feels like a celebration with Keiki! The app rewards your child's progress with exciting achievements. They'll earn badges, unlock new games, and see their hard work pay off. This will keep them motivated to learn more.

— 03Adorable characters

Learning becomes an adventure with Keiki's friendly characters! These playful guides become companions that make learning relatable and fun. Your 6-year-old will be eager to join their new friends on exciting educational journeys.

— 04Adaptive difficulty

No frustration here! Keiki's games automatically adjust to your child's skill level. This ensures they're always challenged but not overwhelmed, keeping them engaged and excited to learn new things.

— 05Variety of games

There's always something new to discover in Keiki App! With a wide range of games across different subjects, your kid can explore their interests and find something they love. From funny puzzles to exciting stories, Keiki offers endless learning adventures.


How is Keiki App specifically tailored for 6-year-olds' learning needs?

Keiki App offers age-appropriate games and activities designed to match the cognitive development of 6-year-olds. Our content focuses on key areas like early math, language skills, science concepts, and problem-solving, all presented in a fun, engaging way that suits their attention span and interests.

Can I track my child's learning progress on Keiki App?

Yes, Keiki App provides detailed progress reports for parents. You can see which skills your child is mastering, areas they might need more practice in, and how much time they're spending on different activities. This helps you stay involved in your child's learning journey.

What types of educational themes does Keiki App cover for six-year-olds?

Keiki App covers a wide range of themes including math, language learning, science, art, and logic. Our games introduce concepts like basic addition and subtraction, vocabulary building, nature and animal facts, creative expression, and critical thinking skills.

How does Keiki App ensure a safe and nurturing learning environment?

We prioritize your child's safety. Keiki App is ad-free and doesn't contain any external links. All content is carefully reviewed to ensure it's age-appropriate. We also don't collect personal information from children, giving parents peace of mind.

Is Keiki App compatible with multiple devices for on-the-go learning?

Absolutely! Keiki App works on smartphones, tablets, and computers. Many games are also available offline, perfect for learning on the go.

How often is new content added to the Keiki App to keep my child engaged?

We regularly update Keiki App with new games and activities. On average, we add new content monthly, ensuring there's always something fresh and exciting for your child to explore and learn from.

Can Keiki App adapt to my child's unique learning pace and style?

Yes, Keiki App uses adaptive learning technology. The games adjust their difficulty based on your child's performance, ensuring they're always appropriately challenged. This personalized approach helps maintain engagement and boosts learning efficiency.

How can I start my child’s educational adventure with Keiki App?

Getting started is easy! Download the Keiki App from your device's app store. Create a parent account, set up a profile for your child, and they can begin playing and learning right away.