Learning Games for Kindergarten

The Keiki app is the first app for kindergarten children that not only entertains but also prepares them for school.

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What Kindergarteners Learn


  • Letters
  • Letter tracing
  • Alphabet
  • Upper and lower case
  • Phonics
  • Vowels and consonants
  • Sight words
  • Spelling
  • Rhyming
  • Nouns and verbs



  • Letters
  • Letter tracing
  • Alphabet
  • Upper and lower case
  • Phonics
  • Vowels and consonants
  • Sight words
  • Spelling
  • Rhyming
  • Nouns and verbs



  • Counting
  • Addition
  • Number tracing
  • Counting down
  • Missing numbers
  • Quantity
  • Measure
  • Ordinal numbers
  • Cardinal numbers
  • More, less, equal


  • Shapes and colors
  • Sorting
  • Memory
  • Positions
  • Months
  • Patterns
  • Puzzles
  • Emotions
  • Months
  • Differences



  • Color mixing
  • Drawing basics
  • Paint by numbers
  • Simple crafts
  • Shape art
  • Texture exploration
  • Self-portraits
  • Nature art
  • Imaginative drawing

Learning Through Play

— 01Mascots who guide learning

As children explore the app, they're greeted by a colorful, animated world filled with friendly characters. These animals, fruits and vegetables, and other imaginative creatures guide a kid through various learning activities, making the experience both engaging and relatable. However, the mascots aren't just for show. They're integral to the app's storytelling approach. Valuable lessons are woven into exciting narratives that captivate young minds.

— 02Bite-sized learning

Keiki understands the short attention spans of kindergarteners. That’s why we break down learning into manageable chunks. Each activity is brief yet designed to teach specific concepts (letters, numbers, shapes, or colors). The app encourages daily 5-minute sessions, ensuring consistent progress without overwhelming the child. As learners advance, the difficulty gradually increases, keeping pace with their growing skills.

— 03Interactive learning adventures

Interactivity is key in the Keiki App. Children don't just passively consume content; they actively participate in their learning. Kids can personalize their experience by creating avatars and collecting virtual stickers and badges as they complete challenges. This gamification aspect motivates continued engagement and celebrates each small victory along the way.

— 04Multi-sensory experience

Keiki caters to different learning styles through the multi-sensory approach. Vibrant visuals and animations capture attention. Cheerful sound effects and background music create an immersive atmosphere. For early readers, voice-guided instructions provide clear direction. Touch-based interactions make learning intuitive and develop fine motor skills.

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Why Choose Keiki

Comprehensive curriculum

The Keiki app offers a comprehensive learning experience. It covers basic skills in reading, math, science, and the arts. Our curriculum is designed by educational experts to meet kindergarten standards. Your child will be well prepared for success in school.

Personalized learning

Every child is unique and learns differently. Keiki's adaptive technology adapts to your child's pace and skill level. Therefore, we guarantee a personalized learning experience that allows them to be challenged and interested without feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

Safe environment

We prioritize your child's safety. Keiki provides a safe, ad-free, distraction-free learning space. And you, as a parent, will be calm and have peace of mind. Our parental controls allow you to monitor your child's progress and customize the experience to suit your family's needs.

Fun approach

Learning should be entertaining! That’s why Keiki turns education into an interactive adventure. All this thanks to lovely characters, exciting games, amusing tunes, and engaging stories. Our app makes learning so fun that your child won't even realize they are learning important skills for their future.

The first app that grows with your child!



How does the Keiki App engage kindergarteners in learning?

Keiki App engages kindergarteners in learning through a variety of interactive and fun methods. It uses colorful graphics, simple animations, and kid-friendly interfaces to capture young children's attention. The app offers games and activities that teach basic concepts like letters, numbers, shapes, and colors in an entertaining way.

Can I monitor my child's educational progress with the Keiki App?

Yes! Keiki App includes a parent dashboard where you can view your child's activity summary, track progress in different skill areas, see time spent on various learning activities, access simple progress reports, adjust difficulty levels, or set learning goals.

What types of skills does the Keiki App help develop in young learners?

Keiki App helps develop such skills for kindergarteners: basic literacy (letters, phonics, simple words), numeracy (numbers, counting, basic math), shape and color recognition, problem-solving, fine motor skills, language development, creativity, and social-emotional learning.

How does the Keiki App ensure a safe learning environment?

Designed specifically for kindergarteners, the Keiki App creates a secure digital space where little ones can learn and explore worry-free. We achieve this through carefully crafted, age-appropriate content. Parents can breathe easy thanks to our robust controls, letting you customize the experience to fit your family's needs. Plus, Keiki is completely ad-free, so there are no unwanted distractions or surprises – just pure learning fun.

Is the Keiki App accessible on various devices?

Yes! The Keiki app is available on a variety of devices. Supported platforms: iOS, Android. It will be convenient for your child to study anywhere and anytime.

How often does the Keiki App add new educational games and activities?

New educational games and activities are added regularly to provide your child with a continuous learning experience.

Can the Keiki App adapt to my child's unique learning pace?

Yes! Keiki App utilizes adaptive learning technology. The games and activities adjust difficulty based on your child's performance.

How can I get started with the Keiki App for my kindergartener?

Download the Keiki App directly from app stores like the Apple App Store (for iPhones/iPads) or Google Play Store (for Android devices).