How to Improve Confidence When Speaking English. Simple Tricks

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Created: Sep 28, 2022Last updated: Jan 11, 2024
How to Improve Confidence

If you learn English as a second language, you might experience anxiety and shyness when communicating with native English speakers. It is perfectly normal! Many language learners feel the same way. The good news is that you can do a few things to become confident in speaking English – you just need time, practice, and patience. Keep reading this article to learn how to boost your confidence and improve your communication skills. We’ll give you some practical tips that you can use right away.

Why Is Confidence in English Important?

Before we jump into practical advice, let’s take a step back and consider why building confidence is so important. After all, you might wonder if becoming confident in your English skills is vital. The answer is yes! Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy by boosting your confidence:

  • You’ll be able to communicate more effectively. It means sharing your ideas and thoughts more clearly. As a result, you’ll be better understood by native English speakers. In turn, it will help you develop professional and personal relationships.
  • You’ll feel more comfortable in social situations. You might avoid socializing altogether if you’re shy in speaking English. However, by building your confidence, you can start to enjoy socializing in English – whether at a party, meeting new people, or networking.
  • You’ll be able to learn and grow. If you’re not confident in your English skills, you might be afraid to make mistakes. As a result, you might avoid speaking and writing altogether. However, making mistakes is essential for learning any language, so pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is important. By doing so, you can continue to improve your English skills and become more confident along the way.

In short, confidence is critical when speaking English – and you can enjoy plenty of benefits by boosting your confidence. Now let’s take a look at some practical tips that you can use to improve your communication skills.

Top 9 Tricks to Speak English with Confidence

Now that you clearly understand what confidence is and why it’s important, let’s talk about how you can improve your confidence when speaking English. You can do many things, but we’ll focus on nine effective ways to help you speak English confidently in any situation. You can use these tricks daily and when preparing for important exams or interviews – they will work in any case!

Stay Calm, Breathe, and Speak Slowly

The first step on how to gain confidence in speaking is controlling your nerves. We all get nervous when speaking a foreign language or doing something new. The key is not to obsess over your mistakes and relax as much as possible. One way to stay calm is by focusing on your breathing – take deep, slow breaths through your nose and exhale through your mouth slowly. It will help you relax physically and mentally, so you can focus on the conversation.

Another tip is to speak slowly – even if you know the language well, it’s tempting to speak quickly when nervous. However, It often leads to more mistakes and can make you sound unclear. If necessary, practice slowing down by counting to three between each sentence while you talk. It gives you time to think about what you want to say next but also helps reduce filler words like “um” or “ah,” which can make you sound less confident.

The good idea is to focus on the present moment. Don’t obsess over past mistakes or worry about what could happen in the future – just focus on the conversation you’re having right now. It can be difficult, but it will help you feel more confident and relaxed.

Use English Whenever You Can

One of the best ways to learn how to speak confidently English is to get as much practice as possible. It may seem obvious, but many language learners forget how important it is to use the language they’re trying to learn. If you only speak English in class or when studying, you might not feel confident using it in real-world conversations.

To become more confident, make a point of using English every day – even if it’s just for a few minutes. You can start by greeting people in English when you see them around town or striking up a conversation with a cashier at the store. Once you get used to speaking English daily, you can gradually increase how long and often you use it until it feels natural and effortless.

Work on Your Grammar

One reason many language learners feel insecure is that they’re worried about making mistakes in their grammar. It’s natural to want to sound perfect when speaking a foreign language, but try not to focus too much on this. Instead of agonizing over every little detail, relax and worry about grammar later.

Of course, it doesn’t mean you should never study grammar – it’s still essential to learning English! However, don’t let your fear of making mistakes stop you from speaking the language as often as possible. As long as you can communicate your ideas clearly, that’s all that matters.

Here are a few websites where you can practice English grammar:

  • Grammarly Blog. It has articles explaining different aspects of English grammar and exercises to help you practice what you’ve learned.
  • English Grammar 101The website provides grammar lessons organized by topic, so you can study the areas you’re struggling with the most.
  • Cambridge Dictionary. It has a comprehensive grammar section with clear explanations and examples.

Remember that you don’t need perfect grammar to speak English confidently. However, working on your grammar will undoubtedly give a significant boost to your confidence.

Record Yourself Speaking English

One more way to track your progress and become more confident in English is by recording yourself speaking. It can be daunting at first, but it’s a great way to identify areas that need improvement. You can also listen back to recordings to hear how much you’ve improved over time – which can also be encouraging.

To get started, find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted and start talking about any topic for 2-3 minutes. Once you finish, listen back to the recording and note down any errors or words pronounced differently than native speakers. Then, practice saying these words correctly until they sound natural when you speak them aloud.

Use The Shadowing Technique

Shadowing is a great way to improve your understanding of how to speak English fluently and confidently. It involves communicating with native speakers as they talk, imitating their pronunciation, intonation, and speed. It may sound difficult at first, but it’s pretty simple – listen to someone speaking English and repeat what they say aloud. 

You can shadow any audio recording – podcasts, TV shows, movies, and so on. Make sure you choose a material that is interesting to you so that you don’t get bored while doing it! Additionally, try to find recordings with clear audio quality so that you can understand everything being said clearly.

If you want to improve your confidence in speaking English, shadowing is a great technique. It will help you loosen up and speak English confidently without overthinking your grammar or vocabulary.

Watch English-Language Movies and Shows

One great way to become more confident in speaking is by watching English-language movies and TV shows. It can help you to develop a confident English and become better in many aspects of the English language:

  • Pronunciation. You’ll be able to hear how native speakers say certain words and practice imitating their pronunciation.
  • Grammar. You’ll see correct grammar usage in various contexts, which can help you understand English grammar rules better.
  • Vocabulary. You’ll learn new words and phrases by seeing them used in natural conversation.
  • Fluency. By watching English films and TV shows, you’ll better understand how conversational English flows naturally – it can help your speech sound more fluid and confident.

And don’t forget that enjoying yourself while doing this activity is essential! Choose shows or movies that you like so that you’ll stay motivated throughout the process. This way, you won’t realize that you’re learning – it will feel like entertainment instead.

Speak English in Casual Situations

It can be challenging to feel confident speaking English if you only ever use the language in formal situations. After all, making mistakes and feeling self-conscious when under pressure is much easier. That’s why it’s essential to find opportunities to practice your English in casual settings. 

It could mean chatting with friends at an English-language meetup group, talking with native speakers at a bar or restaurant, or even chatting with the cashier at your local grocery store. The conversation is critical here – don’t be afraid to speak as often as possible!

You can also try joining online communities for language learners and practicing your English skills with people worldwide. It is an excellent way to improve your confidence since everyone is learning and making mistakes, so you don’t need to feel embarrassed! Just jump into any conversation and give it your best shot.

Practice Speaking with Other Language Learners

One way to gain confidence in speaking is to practice with other language learners. It can be an excellent opportunity to learn from each other and make mistakes in a safe and supportive environment. If you don’t know anyone who’s learning English, there are many online communities that you can join. For example, language exchange websites and apps connect English learners from all over the world so that they can practice together.

In addition to practicing with other language learners, you could also try attending meetups for English speakers in your city. This way, you’ll be able to socialize and converse in English with people who are native speakers or near-native level. These events can be an excellent opportunity to build your confidence in speaking while meeting new friends.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes when speaking with others – everyone makes mistakes, and it’s the best way to learn. The more you practice, the more confident you’ll become!

Attend English Classes or Tutoring Sessions

Another great way to learn how to speak more confidently is by attending English classes or tutoring sessions. It can allow you to practice speaking in a low-pressure environment with other learners at a similar level. In addition, your teacher can give you feedback on your progress and help you identify areas that need improvement. If possible, try to find a tutor or class that uses an interactive and communicative approach so that you have plenty of opportunities to speak up and practice your conversation skills.

The most important thing is to find a learning method that works for you. If attending English classes doesn’t fit your schedule or budget, plenty of other options are available – such as online courses, apps, and websites. Make sure you use materials appropriate for your skills to advance confidently in your studies.


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Confidence is key to speaking any language, but it can be especially challenging for English learners. The good news is that confidence talk comes with practice – the more you speak, the more confident you’ll become. Also, don’t forget to use the tips from this article to help you relax and focus on the conversation. For example, you can take deep breaths, make eye contact, and smile. Remember to be patient with yourself – building confidence in any skill takes time.

Finding opportunities to practice English outside the classroom is crucial for confidence-building, too. Consider joining an English conversation group or finding a language exchange partner to practice regularly. And finally, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Everyone makes them – it’s part of learning a new language. So relax, have fun, and keep speaking in confidence!


Do I need to be fluent in English to speak confidently?

No, you don’t need to be fluent. However, you should have a basic understanding of different aspects of language before trying to speak confident English. The more English vocabulary and grammar you know, the easier it will be to express yourself. If you’re just starting, try learning some simple phrases and sentences you can use in everyday conversation. In time, you’ll become more fluent and will be able to handle more complex topics.

How can I become more confident when speaking English?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how to be confident in speaking English. However, some general tips that may help include staying calm, breathing deeply, speaking slowly, using body language, and making eye contact. Additionally, practicing as often as possible and being patient with yourself is essential. Don’t worry if you make mistakes – everyone does! Keep trying; eventually, you will become more confident in your abilities.

How long does it take to become fluent in English?

It depends on many factors, such as your prior knowledge of the language, how much you practice, and which method you use to learn. Some people may become fluent in a few months, while others may take years. There is no magic formula – it takes time and effort to reach proficiency in any language.

Do I need to take an English class to become confident?

No, you don’t necessarily need to take a class if you want to know how to be more confident when talking. However, it would help if you had structured lessons and regular practice with a native speaker or experienced tutor. If you’re serious about becoming confident in English, attending classes or tutoring sessions is a great way to make steady progress.


PromovaSep 21st, 2023
The time it takes to see noticeable improvement can vary from person to person, but with consistent practice and application of the techniques, many individuals experience increased confidence within a few weeks to a few months. The key is to stay committed to the process and maintain a positive attitude toward your language learning journey.
Jaelyn RiveraSep 21st, 2023
How long does it typically take to see a noticeable improvement in english speaking confidence when following the techniques outlined in the article?
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This article on improving confidence when speaking English is fantastic! The simple tricks shared are practical and easy to implement. I already feel more motivated and empowered to practice speaking English with confidence.