How Promova, a Ukrainian-founded language learning platform, promotes the Korean language

  • 208_PR_korean course cover.pngUkrainian-founded startup Promova, a one-stop solution for all language learning needs, recently released an updated Korean course to their 10 million learners all over the world.
  • The course was developed by Promova’s content manager, Elly Kim, who has Korean roots and currently lives in Ukraine. Her inspiration for creating the course was to explore her own Korean identity and share her passion for the language and culture with learners everywhere. 
  • Promova’s Korean course is a testament to their commitment to advancing cultural understanding through language learning.

July  27, 2023Promova, a one-stop solution for all language learning needs, was founded in Ukraine in 2019. In addition to 9 language courses already available in the app, Promova recently updated their Korean language course. South Korean pop culture, or Hallyu, has been on the rise over the past decade, sparking interest in the Korean language and culture all over the world.

The course was developed by Elly Kim, a content manager and linguist at Promova. Elly has Korean roots and lives in Ukraine. Through this course, she’s excited to share her love for the Korean language and culture that she learned from her halmoni (grandmother). 

"I’m really happy to be able to understand my family's culture better and share my passion for this language with thousands of Promova users," says Elly. 

Korean traditions played a significant role in Elly's family growing up. For example, they celebrated Baegil (the 100th day after a child’s birth), Doljanchi (the first birthday) and performed Jesa (a ceremony to honor a family’s ancestors). Her whole family would also gather to make huge batches of baechu kimchi (a popular side dish with fermented napa cabbage) to last throughout the winter. 

As a child, she didn’t realize that other people practiced different traditions from the ones common in her family. It wasn't until she got older and started talking about family traditions with her friends that she noticed the cultural differences.

"Growing up in a small post-Soviet town and being different from my peers was quite challenging. But now, I am realizing that my Korean heritage is what sets me apart and makes me who I am. I’m extremely grateful to Promova for giving me this chance to share my story and love for the language with so many people all around the world."

The course includes over 90 bite-sized lessons and was released to Promova’s 10 million users worldwide in July. It starts from the basics of the Korean language, using the most common form found in daily life and in more formal situations. Learners can also find words and phrases related to food, skincare, and greetings. It provides a great base to begin learning the language from scratch.

"We constantly analyze our users’ feedback and adapt the lessons accordingly so we can create a more personalized and effective learning experience," Elly mentions. "I’m certain that the Korean course will be no exception because Promova's ultimate goal is to increase cultural understanding and help people achieve their learning goals."

About Promova


Founded in 2019 as a simple flashcard app, Promova is now a one-stop solution for all language learning needs. 

Promova (/prɔˈmɔvʌ/) translates from Ukrainian as "speech." It’s also a wordplay. When it’s spoken with a slightly different stress in Ukrainian, “Pro Mova” also means "about language." So, we’re all about language learning – in more ways than one!

Promova offers a variety of tools, such as bite-sized lessons, a community of learners, tutoring, conversation clubs, and progress tracking. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to create custom learning plans, Promova helps over 11 million people worldwide live their best lives by achieving their language learning goals.  

The Promova team is made up of 100+ lifelong learners passionate about languages, from philologists to professional educators and language learning advocates. They work from Ukraine, Europe, and the U.S. and employ best-in-class teaching methodologies to make language learning accessible to people everywhere.