Promova releases a free Portuguese course that can be used as Lisbon travel guide

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  • Statistics show that Portugal is rising in popularity as a tourist destination: the tourist accommodation sector registered 26.5 million guests and 69.5 million overnight stays in 2022, reflecting annual increases of 83.3% and 86.3%, respectively.
  • Promova’s new Portuguese course includes 18 lessons with useful travel phrases and cards with cultural context that can be used during a trip. 
  • In light of the upcoming Web Summit in Portugal, one of the biggest technology events in the world attended by over 70,000 people, the course will be free during November for everyone. 

November 13, 2023, Cyprus – In addition to 9 language courses already available on the platform, Promova recently released a new Portuguese course for their 11 million users and everyone else who wants to visit Portugal. Noticing the rising popularity of Portugal as a tourist destination in 2022 and 2023, Promova's content creators couldn't leave travelers without an easy, fun way to learn the language and familiarize themselves with the country's culture.

According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), the tourist accommodation sector in Portugal registered 26.5 million guests and 69.5 million overnight stays in 2022. Moreover, the number of foreign tourists visiting Portugal during the first five months of 2023 reached 8.2 million – compared to 6.3 million a year ago. Clearly, there is growing interest in Portugal as a travel destination, and visitors could benefit from picking the local language as well.

"To be honest, I'm completely in love with Portugal myself. The sunny climate, beautiful nature, dramatic coastline, lower cost of living, and old-world charm make it a top destination for people from all over the world. The data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) shows that residents of North America are especially loving to visit Portugal lately: there was an increase of 327.4% American tourists in 2022 from 2021. Seeing as more than 3.5 million travelers visiting Portugal come from the U.K. and U.S. (according to Statista), we decided to create our Portuguese language course with explanations in English first," says Andrew Skrypnyk, CEO and co-founder at Promova. “Also, I think the course will be useful for everyone who plans to attend the Web Summit this year and wants to get familiar with the language and the culture of this wonderful country”. 

The course includes 18 bite-sized lessons that cover the basics of Portuguese. It takes only three hours to complete the Elementary level. So, it's a perfect fit for people wanting to learn the language from scratch. The course is focused on simple phrases that can be used in everyday conversations, rather than separate vocabulary words organized by topic. After each lesson, users learn interesting cultural facts about Portugal. 

"Learning a foreign language is more than memorizing and collecting words to some sentences together. Cultural context is vital to gaining a better understanding of a country's background. While learning Portuguese with Promova, you can use our cards about Lisbon as a tourist guide. You’ll find out about must-see sights and learn about their rich history. For instance, you’ll discover  what the Vasco da Gama Bridge - the longest bridge in EU - has in common with the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, how Lisbon’s iconic yellow trams are called, and where the character of James Bond was born," says Olena Demydenko, a language course supervisor at Promova. 

Between November 13-16, Lisbon will host the Web Summit 2023 - one of the biggest tech events in the world attracting tens of thousands of attendees. So, Promova decided to make the Portuguese course free for everyone during the entire month of November. Anyone visiting Portugal at that time will get the opportunity to pick up some basics of the Portuguese language and have an easier time communicating with locals.

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