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Bicycle Parts Quiz

Choose the correct answer:

1. What is the main structure of the bicycle to which other components are attached?

2. Which part of the bicycle rotates when the bicycle moves and consists of the rim, spokes, and hub?

3. What is the rubber exterior of the wheel that makes contact with the ground?

4. Where does the rider sit on a bicycle?

5. Which part of the bicycle holds the front wheel and connects to the handlebar?

6. What is the part that the rider pushes down on with their feet to initiate the bicycle’s movement?

7. Which device is mounted on the handlebars and is used to change gears?

8. What is a protective headgear worn by cyclists to reduce the risk of head injuries?

9. Which tool is used to turn bolts and nuts and comes in various sizes and types?

10. What is a device for inflating bicycle tires?