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Crime Vocabulary Quiz

Choose the correct answer:

1. What is the act of deliberately setting fire to buildings, vehicles, or other property?

2. Which term refers to the act of unlawfully taking and detaining a person against their will?

3. If someone dishonestly takes money that they have been trusted with, especially in a work context, what is it called?

4. What is the act of killing another person without intention?

5. Which crime involves threatening to reveal damaging information about someone unless certain demands are met?

6. Who is a person that steals small items or commits minor crimes?

7. What is the term for a person who produces fraudulent copies of items with the intent to deceive?

8. Which category of criminals is associated with individuals in business or professional positions who engage in nonviolent, financially motivated crimes?

9. Which term refers to the conditional release of a prisoner before the full sentence has been served?

10. What is a legal paper that a judge gives to law enforcement officers so they can make an arrest or search a place?