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Dance Music Quiz

Choose the correct answer:

1. Which term is an umbrella term for all types of dance music, characterized by heavy synths and strong rhythms?

2. Which genre of dance music focuses on sound patterns rather than conventional song structures or rhythms and is often used to induce relaxation?

3. Which genre is known for its syncopated rhythm, or "breaks" in the beat, and evolved from early hip-hop?

4. Which genre of dance music originated in the early 80s in Chicago and is influenced by elements of funk, soul, and disco?

5. Which term refers to the rhythmic unit in music?

6. What is the process of adjusting the balance of frequencies in an audio signal called?

7. Which device do DJs use to mix music and control software?

8. Which term describes the technique of syncing the tempos of two tracks for a seamless transition?

9. Which part of a dance track is the moment when the tension built up in the build-up is released?

10. Which phrase is used to encourage making the music louder?