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Horror Movie Quiz

Choose the correct answer:

1. Which subgenre of horror movies features a killer, often masked, who violently murders their victims?

2. In horror movies, what is a "Jump Scare"?

3. Which setting in horror movies is associated with death and the supernatural?

4. What is a "MacGuffin" in horror movie plots?

5. Which term refers to the last character, typically a woman, left alive to confront the killer?

6. Which horror movie plot structure begins in the middle of the action?

7. Which character in a horror movie provides knowledge about the horror?

8. What does the idiom "A blood-curdling scream" mean?

9. Which horror movie subgenre combines elements of horror with comedy, often parodying typical horror movie tropes?

10. Which term refers to a character who is taken control by a supernatural force in horror movies?