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Plants Quiz

Choose the correct answer:

1. Which flower is often associated with love and romance?

2. What type of plant has a spiky appearance and can survive in harsh and dry conditions?

3. Which plant has a gel-like substance inside its thick leaves and is commonly used for skin treatments?

4. What is a small, green, soft type of plant that grows in damp places?

5. Which aquatic plant provides shelter for aquatic animals underneath its floating leaves?

6. Which plant is known for its high nutritional value and can have green or purple leaves?

7. Which plant has a slightly bitter taste and is a leafy green vegetable?

8. Which plant is often used in aquariums and grows underwater?

9. Which plant has a refreshing taste and is often used in drinks, sauces, and desserts?

10. Which ground cover has small white flowers and a sweet scent?