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Popular Music Genres Quiz

Choose the correct answer:

1. Which music genres originated from African-American communities and are recognized for their complex rhythms and emotive lyrics?

2. What is "Boogie-woogie" in Blues music?

3. Which term describes an improvised jazz singing style where the vocalist substitutes lyrics with nonsensical syllables or words?

4. In Rock 'n' Roll vocabulary, what is the "Beat"?

5. What does "Distortion" refer to in Rock 'n' Roll?

6. In Folk music, what is a "Ballad"?

7. Which term in Disco vocabulary refers to a rhythmic pattern commonly employed in disco and electronic dance music?

8. What is "Dub" in Reggae and Ska vocabulary?

9. In Classical music, what is a "Symphony"?

10. Which idiom means to "deal with the consequences of your actions"?