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Quiz for Safari Animals

Choose the correct answer:

1. Which animal is known as the "King of the Jungle"?

2. What is distinctive about the coat of a zebra?

3. Which bird is known for its vibrant pink feathers and long, thin legs?

4. Which mammal is recognized by its rosette-patterned coat and powerful physique?

5. Which insect is known for transmitting malaria?

6. Which bird is the world's largest and is flightless?

7. Which fish is known for its fearsome appearance with sharp, protruding teeth?

8. Which mammal has a very long neck and legs, small horns, and a patchy coat?

9. Which insect is known for its ability to form massive, destructive swarms?

10. Which habitat is described as open grasslands with scattered trees, frequently home to many large African safari animals?