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Quiz for Tundra Animals

Choose the correct answer:

1. Which animal is known for its impressive swimming abilities and primarily eats seals?

2. The Arctic Fox is known for its ability to survive in:

3. Which bird is a major predator in tundra regions and has a distinct white plumage?

4. Which animal is a ferocious carnivore that resembles a small bear but is actually part of the weasel family?

5. The Arctic Char is similar to which two types of fish?

6. Which insect spends most of its life in a frozen state and can take up to 14 years to reach adulthood?

7. What is the permafrost?

8. Which bird holds the record for the longest known annual migration, traveling from its Arctic breeding grounds to the Antarctic and back?

9. The Arctic Mosquito has a short, intense:

10. Which habitat in the tundra is described as large floating sheets of ice, serving as a platform for certain animals?