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Science Fiction Movie Quiz

Choose the correct answer:

1. Which subgenre of science fiction focuses on scientific accuracy and often involves complex scientific principles?

2. Which term refers to a gadget that transports a person or object instantly from one location to another?

3. What is a hypothetical shortcut through space-time, often used for quick space travel?

4. Which trope in science fiction movies refers to the initial meeting between humans and extraterrestrial life?

5. What is a creature with the ability to change its physical form or appearance?

6. Which futuristic concept refers to the point where AI surpasses human intelligence, often leading to unpredictable changes?

7. Which term refers to a robot designed to resemble a human in appearance and behavior?

8. What is the term for a future perfect society?

9. Which director is known for the movies "Star Wars" and significantly shaped the science fiction genre?

10. Which term refers to the belief in using technology to enhance human physical and cognitive abilities?