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Types of Chairs Quiz

Choose the correct answer:

1. Which chair is often used in living rooms and has side supports for resting your arms?

2. Which chair is designed to rock back and forth and is associated with relaxation?

3. What type of chair is tall and mainly used in bars or at high counter tables?

4. Which chair has 'wings' attached to the back and is often found in classic and upscale interiors?

5. Which chair is named after its creators and often features molded plywood and leather upholstery?

6. What type of chair is long and designed for lounging, often associated with luxury?

7. Which chair is originally from the Philippines and has a round frame with a removable cushion?

8. Which chair is characterized by a rounded back that resembles the shape of a barrel cut in half?

9. Which chair was created by designer Eero Saarinen and provides a sense of comfort and security?

10. Which chair is an iconic design with a unique, egg-like shape and a swivel base?