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Types of Heels Quiz

Choose the correct answer:

1. Which type of heel is tall, thin, and often exceeds 2 inches in height?

2. Which heel type has a thick sole and can come with any heel type?

3. Which heel resembles an ice cream cone in shape?

4. Which type of heel is characterized by a strap that circles the back of the ankle?

5. What type of heel narrows in the middle and resembles a cotton spool?

6. Which heel type has no elevation and the sole remains the same height from toe to heel?

7. Which heel material is known for its durability and classic appeal?

8. Which heel type is backless and allows you to simply slide your foot in?

9. Which heel is crafted from wood and is often seen in boho-chic styles?

10. Which heel type is made from a clear, plastic-like material and is popular in modern shoe designs?