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Water Transport Quiz

Choose the correct answer:

1. Which water vessel is typically pointed at both ends and moved using a single paddle?

2. Which vessel is a small, narrow boat primarily designed for one person and is propelled by a double-bladed paddle?

3. Which boat is often carried or towed for use as a lifeboat by a larger vessel?

4. Which vessel is a long, narrow flat-bottomed boat used in the canals of Venice?

5. Which large vessel travels the world's oceans?

6. Which vessel is a medium-sized sailing boat or motor boat used for private cruises or racing?

7. Which specialized water vessel can stay submerged for extended periods?

8. Which ancient water vessel was developed by the Norsemen or Vikings for warfare, exploration, and trade?

9. Which traditional sailing vessel has one or more triangular sails and is of Arab origin?

10. Which ancient Chinese sailing ship design is still in use today?