The Best Books To Improve Your Vocabulary

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Best Books To Improve Your Vocabulary

Reading is considered to be one of the main tools for developing, enhancing, or extending your vocabulary. Isn`t it wonderful to read some of the best novels while improving your vocabulary? Finding such a book is precious, as students will not only learn new words or phrases but will know unique and interesting sentence constructions. 

Having a rich vocabulary means using one of the greatest communication tools. However, it might be improved only through practice and memorizing. Despite the age, one can improve his/her vocabulary knowledge for effective communication and/or passing exams. 

If you wish to improve your English significantly, you should keep reading the article. Here you will learn more about how to improve your vocabulary through reading. Secondly, you will get a list of the best books to increase your vocabulary.

The importance of vocabulary

The most crucial aspect of learning a new language is expanding your vocabulary. It is necessary for everyone who is learning a foreign language, both kids and adults. For example, students around the world spend hours studying with textbooks to build their vocabulary, completing thousands of different grammar tasks. But with each new level (B1, B2, C1, C2) the vocabulary becomes more and more advanced. You should remember to improve it with time, or one day you`ll reach the moment when you will no longer be able to read, watch movies or even communicate. Simply said, vocabulary is significant because it is the basis of any language.

Vocabulary is the most crucial component of reading comprehension. Rich vocabulary makes it possible for people to understand you, which is vital for your communication with foreigners. An extensive vocabulary gives you the confidence to properly and correctly use the words. Thus, having a broad vocabulary is even more significant than knowing some grammar rules. Let`s have a closer look at the main 4 reasons why vocabulary is so important for kids and adults:

Language Development

Children who have a better vocabulary tend to think more deeply. As a result, they communicate more effectively. The sooner your child starts developing his/her language skills, the earlier they will succeed in both communication and academic life;

Reading Comprehension

According to recent research, children must comprehend about 98% of the words they read in order to understand what they are reading about. A broader vocabulary can help them to understand the textbooks better;

Effective communication

Strong vocabulary knowledge is essential for effective communication. You may communicate more effectively by choosing the correct words depending on the situation. It will make your communication skills more believable, coherent, and reasonable;

Better writing skills

Your writing skills will become more effective if you have a strong vocabulary. Every educated person must know how to write properly in official and informal tones. 

Now you know why having a rich vocabulary is so important. Also, we have discussed the role of reading in building vocabulary. Below you`ll find our top of the best books to read to improve your vocabulary. 

How to improve vocabulary by reading books

It was already said, that the most recommended and efficient way to expand vocabulary is reading. While you are focused on reading romantic novels or fantasy, it increases your exposure to many different writing styles, genres, and sentence structures. Your English vocabulary is indirectly expanded by the character-driven dialogue and vivid descriptions of the locations and events covered in the novels.

Understanding phonetics and punctuation make it easier to communicate specific language. Reading sci-fi books, for instance, makes it easier to learn regional slang. While classic literature, on the other hand, will help you to build more complex sentences. It is indeed an excellent tool for learning advanced vocabulary!

If you have studied other languages before, you should know that having your own glossary is crucial. The same is for developing your vocabulary by reading. According to your preferences, choose a book from the list below, then take a pen and a notebook (it will be your dictionary). Start reading the chosen book and write all the unknown words in your newly created vocabulary. Then use the dictionary to find the meaning of a certain word. We recommend using the Cambridge dictionary, as it is free to use. If you believe that having a separate notebook is unnecessary, you can use a pencil to write the translation just above the words in the book itself. By doing so, you will enjoy reading a great story and learning new terms. 

According to our professional tutors, these are the best books to increase your vocabulary, which are both easy and enjoyable to read. Written by true masters, these stories include a variety of interesting words, terms, and phrases.

The best books to read to improve vocabulary

The best books to read to improve vocabulary

The novels listed below are strongly advised for those looking to improve their English language skills. Check out the 12 most popular books that will expand your vocabulary:

The Complete Sherlock Holmes  

The Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are rightfully considered among the most important pieces of detective and mystery fiction. The elegant packaging and magnificent images more than live up to its reputation as a classic. It includes all complete books and more than 40 short stories. These stories will be interesting for teens and adults.

The Harry Potter Series 

The hugely famous Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling aren't simply enjoyable for children to read. They can also function as books that can improve vocabulary. The fact that the names of spells, characters, and locations frequently have Latin roots and describe the precise thing they are trying to designate is one of the most wonderful and creative things about the language Rowling uses in her books. You can better comprehend the meaning of other terms that are similar by making links to Latin origins.

A Game of Thrones 

A Game of Thrones is the first book of George R. R. Martin`s series. This saga is a remarkable work of modern fantasy that combines the best elements of the genre. This book showcases the author's skill with English vocabulary terms. Any student will benefit from the author's use of the appropriate adjectives and adverbs to describe a variety of terms. "A song of ice and fire" is one of the best books to improve vocabulary for adults.

The Old Man and the Sea 

Another great book to read to increase your vocabulary in English. The Old Man and the Sea is a story of an old fisherman's journey and the struggles he faces along the way. It is written in a simple, short-sentence format that makes it an excellent book for improving vocabulary. 

The Count of Monte Cristo 

The Count of Monte Cristo is the story of long imprisonment, thrilling escape, and revenge. With terms like impassioned, prodigious, cosmopolite, and apoplexy being thrown around, it's also a fantastic book for vocabulary building. Despite this, it is easy to read, making the story an excellent start for someone looking for a book to increase vocabulary.

The Picture of Dorian Gray 

Oscar Wilde's Gothic and philosophical book The Picture of Dorian Gray was published way back in July 1890. Before the article was published, the magazine's editor cut off some 500 words, without Wilde's knowledge. It is the story of a young and handsome, but narcissistic and egotistical man who decides to sell his soul in exchange for eternal youth.


About 30,000 different phrases are used by renowned author James Joyce in his modernist and satirical novel "Ulysses." Simply reading the novel can help you to increase your vocabulary. Many readers find this book challenging, yet critics rank it as one of the finest books to read to improve your English vocabulary.

Gulliver’s Travels 

One of the best books ever written is Jonathan Swift's biting satire on the Catholic church and elite culture. Learn the meaning of terms like lingua franca, inure, demesne, and declivity. Discover for yourself the world of the mystical Lilliputians. You can get this book at Amazon: Here.

Love in the Time of Cholera 

Gabriel Garcia Marquez's contemporary love story was originally written in Spanish, yet it retains all of its charm in English.  It tells the tale of two lovers who are divided by distance and circumstance. The novel Love in the Time of Cholera has phrases that are evocative of the fluidity of Spanish as well as words that are wonderful for their mere beauty. It is truly one of the greatest books to build vocabulary.

To kill a mockingbird 

The book, which was released in 1960, immediately became a global blockbuster and received positive reviews. This work of art is made more intense by the addition of a few useful English vocabulary terms. Antagonize, Malevolent, Assuaged, Chiffarobe, etc. are some of the most intriguing terms used in this book.

Moby Dick

Another story with a vast vocabulary of English terms, with more than 17,000 different words used often. Almost every line of the book “Moby Dick” contains a unique term that was chosen by Herman Melville. There are other words like these that are alien to our everyday lexicon and that can be understood only in context. Similar to "Ulysses", it is regarded as one of the most challenging novels of all time, although many experts consider it to be a vocabulary-building book.

Shakespearean Plays 

Many of the terms we use every day were created by William Shakespeare. Any book written by this outstanding author qualifies as a great vocabulary-building book. We propose you to start with Hamlet.

The best vocabulary-building books

The best vocabulary-building books

Reading novels of different kinds and varieties is the best approach to developing your vocabulary. You could benefit from reading some English vocabulary books, though. 

Check the top 5 vocabulary books:

Oxford Picture Dictionary

You may appreciate the Oxford Picture Dictionary that uses lovely pictures and images to teach words. It also has sections for target vocabulary, pre-reading inquiries, and anecdotes to help you understand the context of certain words.

NTC Vocabulary Builders

The target audience for NTC Vocabulary Builders is advanced and intermediate English learners who require assistance with professional English vocabulary. This book is ideal for those who study business English or need to speak English fluently at work.

504 Absolutely Essential Words

The best candidates for this vocabulary book are those who need to establish a solid foundation before going on to more difficult topics or who wish to study English for survival. There are about 500 of the most significant and commonly used English terms. You can get 504 Absolutely Essential Words here!

Oxford Learner's Pocket Word Skills

It is a small but useful, and convenient book. The “Oxford Learner's Pocket Word Skills” can assist students in expanding their vocabulary. It includes common subjects like the environment, communications technology, and society. It is the best vocabulary book for students who are getting ready for the IELTS or FCE exams, as it contains more than 3,500 words and phrases.

Word power made easy

A famous grammarian Norman Lewis wrote a vocabulary-building book that offers a straightforward, step-by-step process for improving your understanding and command of the English language.


Build Vocabulary with Promova

Our tutors at Promova know a variety of fun techniques for increasing vocabulary. They don't include using flashcards or boring memorization. Only the greatest methods are employed by teachers who work for Promova. We will assist you in learning vocabulary.


In order to provide our clients with the greatest learning techniques, each personal language instructor and content creator keeps up with the most recent developments in learning. We have been doing this for three years and have gained international recognition.


Perfect practice makes perfect! With our multi-cultural communities, learning exercises, one-on-one tutoring, accomplishments, friends, and much more, you can immerse yourself in the language learning environment.

Video courses 

Interactive films are a fun way to learn English. They assist with vocabulary development, grammar, and pronunciation. With Promova learning English has never been easier! 


The most entertaining and successful ways to improve your language skills are through books. Reading is the best way to expand your vocabulary, but you may increase its effectiveness by taking notes as you read and by applying the new terms you learn. We hope our list of the best books that can improve your vocabulary will help you. Try to read every day, and keep a dictionary close at hand.


Can I learn English by reading books?

Unfortunately, you can`t. Learning any language is a long process of memorizing and understanding tons of grammar rules. Having a professional tutor and studying systematically are the keys to success. But if you want to expand your vocabulary, there’s no better way than to read. There are so many books that can help you!

Which app is best for vocabulary?

Use an online immersion platform to make this process easier. For instance, FluentU uses interactive video clips with subtitles to teach English while allowing you to look up terms as you watch. The application also includes multimedia flashcards and review tests to help students retain terminology. Another educational technology company that creates language-learning applications and offers language certification is Duolingo. Users may utilize spaced repetition to learn grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation on the main app. These tools will make it easier for you to retain the information from your vocabulary books, which will speed up the process of expanding your vocabulary. Additionally, they'll contribute to making learning enjoyable and stimulating.

Is that possible to study online?

Our company provides unique 1x1 online tutoring sessions. All across the world, we have qualified teachers working as our tutors. Our teachers use an individualized approach for every student. You may get spoken English coaching from your tutor right away!

Can you share some of the tips which help to increase my vocabulary?

- Learn the meanings of words in their context. Pay close attention to the phrases in which they appear. - Use as many new terms as you can. - Learn the terms you use the most frequently in daily life. Time, food, and everyday routine-related things are all excellent.


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Yes, besides reading, individuals can actively improve their vocabulary by: - Engaging in word games and puzzles. - Using vocabulary-building apps and flashcards. - Participating in language exchange or conversation groups. - Practicing writing to reinforce new words in context. - Setting aside dedicated time for vocabulary study and review. Combining reading with these strategies can lead to comprehensive vocabulary improvement.
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Certainly! One specific strategy that we recommend for using these books to improve your vocabulary is to keep a notebook or flashcards handy while you're reading. Whenever you come across a word that you don't know, write it down along with its definition and any other useful information (such as its part of speech or an example sentence). Then, review your list of words regularly to reinforce your learning. Another effective technique is to try to use the words that you've learned in your everyday speech and writing. This will help you to remember them and incorporate them into your vocabulary more naturally.
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