How to Learn New Words in English Everyday

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How to Learn New Words in English Everyday

Expanding your vocabulary is task number one for everyone who is learning a foreign language. You can't do without lexical knowledge, no matter how good your grammar is. Only this way can you learn to express yourself and speak clearly and concisely. But do not rush to imagine long learning hours. It is not necessary to have thick textbooks. We will tell you how to learn new words in English every day in a fast, effective, and fun way.

10 Tips for Learning New Words

 Positive Associations

It is easier for the brain to remember things related to the pleasant spheres of life or the interests of a particular person. So, it makes sense to study the terms connected to something that matters to you. To create a positive association, immediately use a new word in an exciting context. For example, if you're interested in psychology, it's easier to remember the word "slip" by combining it with the name of the famous psychologist Freud. Using the "Freudian slip" phrase increases your chances of memorizing an expression.

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Reading is a conservative and time-tested way of learning new English words every day. This method has not lost its relevance. What makes it work? Reading books allows you to see everything in context and memorize entire phrases. This means that you understand how to use the word and maximize the chances of using it in your next conversation with a native speaker. Furthermore, while reading classical or modern literature, you practice grammar and learn several winged phrases. As you can see, reading has numerous advantages!

His Majesty, The Context

Learning something out of context is a bad idea. If you want to memorize better and faster, come up with whole stories for the new words. Try to talk about a recent event or describe someone using new vocabulary. It is not necessary to write short stories or novels. Even a few not very logical sentences will be enough. The most important thing is to understand how words function in speech and to remember their usage in practice. Don't you like to compose stories? Make use of a mind map. In the center, write a new word and the associations that go with it.

Use Morphemic and Etymology

How to learn more words in English? Define the root of a particular word and immediately memorize all the lexis with the same morph. There are more one-root structures than you can imagine. Nouns, verbs, adjectives and other parts of speech may have one root. This way, you can quickly learn five words instead of one.

Etymology is the science of the origin of words. You can approach memorizing from this angle if you are interested in the history of language. Knowing the origins of the word will help you remember everything about it, from spelling to meaning. But we must caution you. This method of remembering is intriguing but difficult.

Writing Helps

It will be beneficial to write new words if your visual memory is the best. Notes on your smartphone, notepad, or stickers are acceptable. Use whatever is most convenient for you. One of the most effective methods is the use of stickers. By observing them, you can memorize the names of objects in a foreign language. Put a sticker with your name on everything around you. As a result, you will unintentionally learn things over time. Remove the stickers after a few days and try to recall the names of all the objects.


Scrabble - education word game

Today, many games help to learn new words in English every day easily and joyfully. It can be online quizzes, quests, or old-fashioned board games like Scrabble. Everyone can find a game to their liking. Don't you want to use gadgets or buy table games? Practice backward spelling. Spell the new word backwards. Another helpful tip is called a memory game. Write down as many words as possible on a piece of paper. Look at it for 30 seconds. Then flip it over and try to resume the whole list from the back of the sheet.

Use Mnemonics

Mnemonics is a system of "internal writing" that facilitates memorizing the necessary information. Follow this simple plan to enhance your memory.

  • Speak the word aloud and find a consonant word in your native language.
  • Visualize the resulting image and link it to the word translation.
  • Speak the English word out loud, imagining its picture.

For example, "impetuous" contains the word “pet.” Impetuous means something impulsive or spontaneous. Consider your pet jumping on the door or fighting with the dog as examples of impetuous behavior. Finally, say this word aloud and visualize the image you imagined earlier.

Hear Your Inner Voice

Memory work is an internal process. Your inner voice can be your most valuable ally. How does it function? When you first hear a new word, repeat it to yourself and then say it aloud. Record your speech and listen to it later. Is the new word on the record similar to what you hear in your head? If you're not happy with the outcome, work on your pronunciation. Many modern translation services include a listening function. Use this opportunity if you don't know how to pronounce a word correctly or if you just want to hear information.

Watch Movies and TV Shows in English

This is probably one of the most enjoyable ways to learn new English words every day. Watching the film allows you to get used to the sound of foreign speech and live pronunciation. Dialogue in movies is the best source of context, which means you immediately remember how to use a new word. Also, there is a lot of useful lexicon in films. After watching several films, you will fill your vocabulary with synonyms and perceptive idioms. Furthermore, new vocabulary will be linked to visual images.

Return to the Studied Material

Learning new words every day in English is not enough. For a new word to remain in our long-term memory, it is necessary to repeat it. One day is not enough to achieve this goal. Once you have a new word, use it in context. The next step is to return to the word in an hour. Then, repeat the learned word before bedtime. Next, you should remember the new vocabulary the next day. And finally, repeat the material in 2-3 days.

What is the Best Way to Learn New Words in English?

There is no one right solution for all people. Each of us is an individual who must select the technique that is best for ourselves. First, it would be helpful to determine which memory type works best for you. If you are good at visualizing information, write new words on stickers and surround yourself with them.

If your learning style is auditory, you will benefit from watching movies and using the technique with the internal voice described above. If you like to analyze and immerse yourself in the essence of things and concepts, use etymology and morphemic for memorization. Are there methods for everyone to retain new English words every day? Yes, there are general tools that are equally helpful to everyone. Such techniques include repetition of the studied material and learning everything in context.


Which App is Best to Learn New English Words Every day?

Most modern apps do not provide a personalized experience for each user. This shortcoming is addressed by the Promova app. It provides a collection of tools that have been scientifically proven to be effective. You can learn the language by: 

  • engaging and alluring flashcards;
  • multi-cultural communities;
  • interesting exercises;
  • video courses.

The learning process is overseen by your personal tutor. Each newcomer is given a one-of-a-kind test to assist our professionals in learning more about your initial English level, preferences, and goals. Your responses will be used by the tutor to create a personalized course plan.

Learn the language thoroughly, working on your pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. When you use Promova, you can choose excellent content and personalized tutoring. We understand how to put science into action and can assist you in finding your path to success.


You must improve your vocabulary in order to express yourself clearly and beautifully. However, many people find it difficult to learn new words. And that's fine. Nature did not endow each of us with a fantastic memory and the ability to remember 100 words per day. It's fantastic that there are scientific techniques for memorizing things quickly and for a long time.

Most people will require the assistance of professionals to direct and focus their efforts on this path. After all, learning English requires a personalized approach, and we'll assist you in finding your own. With the help of Promova, you can easily learn new words for everyday English and improve your ability to remember them for a long time.


Where can I learn new English words every day?

There are many sources for this purpose. You can read classic or modern literature and newspapers; watch the news in English; or enjoy your favorite movies and TV series with subtitles. You can also use special apps and games. The main thing is to make the right choice, which will be effective for you!

How can I memorize vocabulary words?

There are many ways to achieve this. Here are just some of them: mnemonics, cards and stickers with words, use of words in context, playing games like crosswords, anagrams, and word searches. Find out which memory type you have most expressed. Knowing this, you can choose a method individually and increase your productivity.

Why can't I remember new words?

It's very common to forget a word from time to time. But if the issue is constant, you probably picked the wrong way to remember. Another probable reason is that you don't go back to repeating what you've learned and only use short-term memory. To rectify the situation, you need to use long-term memory. They say repetition is the mother of learning.

How many words should I learn a day?

This ability is almost unbounded. The fact that humans have an almost infinite storage capacity for learning may seem unusual given how much we appear to forget every day. But it is a fact that you can learn a lot if you choose the proper technique that suits you best.


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