How to switch to using TikTok/Instagram in English. Vocabulary 2023

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Using TikTok/Instagram in English

Social media has become essential in modern life, with most people using multiple social networks to interact and share content. Among the most popular networks of 2023 are TikTok and Instagram, two video-based platforms that offer users various ways to express themselves. Using these networks in English is an excellent way to become more proficient in the language. You can change the language on social media profiles, use English captions for Instagram posts, and much more.

This guide will give you everything you need to know about switching your social media accounts to English, allowing you to make the most of these platforms. We have also prepared the top 10 English-language TikTok captions and the fundamental social media vocabulary you will need to start your English-speaking journey. So, be prepared to get creative and start sharing your content in English!

How to Change The Language on Instagram and TikTok

Changing the language of mobile apps is among the most popular tips on how to master English while using social media – it is simple, effective, and available to all. Here’s the step-by-step instruction on how to change the language on Instagram and TikTok:

  1. Go to the Settings section of the app.
  2. Find language options. On TikTok, it is located in General, while Instagram puts this setting into the Account section.
  3. Tap on English and confirm your choice by clicking on Done or Select.

Done! Now you know how to change the language on TikTok and Instagram! Note that you can also choose English as the language for your portable device. It will immerse you in the English-speaking environment even deeper, allowing you to learn more and faster.

Top 10 English Instagram and Tiktok Captions 2023

We all know that the right words can make any post shine. And what could be more satisfying than nailing the English with an enticing caption? With captions, users of both platforms can spread ideas they are passionate about, combining social media language learning with communicating with their audience. Here’s our selection of the top 20 captions for TikTok and Instagram in 2023:

  • Be true to yourself and never give up, no matter what.
  • Dream big! You are capable of so much more than you know!
  • We can do anything if we have the right attitude and determination! 
  • Thanks for being part of my journey. It’s been an incredible ride together.
  • Life is a beautiful mix: push yourself out of your comfort zone while staying true to who you really are.
  • Creativity comes from having fun with it – don’t be afraid to try something new! 
  • Dare to be different and express yourself with confidence and grace.
  • Never forget why you started this journey in the first place – stay inspired and motivated! 
  • Be fearless and take risks; the only way to keep growing is to try something new. 
  • Do what you love – be passionate about your dreams, and never give up.

Improving your TikTok language skills should be easy and fun, so use your captions as a great opportunity to practice your English every day. Besides, spontaneity is one of the keys to success!


Basic Instagram and TikTok Vocabulary You Should Know

Being fluent in social media means understanding its basic concepts and properly using them. As such, knowing the most common terms can give you a better understanding of these platforms. Here’s a social media vocabulary list that will skyrocket your English proficiency when using these networks:

  • Follower.

This term refers to one of the users’ connections, who has followed their account and can see any new post they make. You can “follow” any other user on the platform and, in turn, be followed by others. 

Emily gained 500 new followers after her TikTok video went viral.

  • Hashtag.

It is a quick way of organizing posts by tagging them with the specific words or phrases that describe their content. You can add hashtags to your Instagram and TikTok posts to become visible to other users searching for those particular tags.

John used the correct hashtags to label his TikTok post, and now it has over 100k views.

  • Like.

This feature allows you to show that you approve or appreciate someone’s content without giving them feedback directly. 

Mary has liked over a thousand posts since she joined Instagram last week!

  • Comment.

This platform-specific feature allows users to leave their written reactions, thoughts, or opinions under other people’s posts.

I commented on my friend’s Instagram post and shared how much I liked their picture.

  • Story.

This part of the app allows users to share content that will be visible for 24 hours after it is posted. You can view someone’s stories by visiting their profile.

Sophia’s Instagram story got so much attention that her post was featured on the app’s home page!

The Instagram language unlocks the doors to many great opportunities for learning English. As these networks are constantly evolving, mastering their latest trends and terminology will keep you updated on social media best practices worldwide!

Enhance Your English With Promova

Mastering the language involves investing time, dedication, and the right tools to practice. Promova is a language-learning platform created to make learning effortless. With our interactive lessons, games, and personalized courses – tailored for any language level – you will be proficient in English quickly and with less effort.

Whether you want to enhance your Instagram vocabulary or improve your overall English fluency, Promova is the platform to make it happen! Download our app, sign up for a class, and get ready to reach your language goals in no time!


TikTok & Instagram language learning is a great way to get exposed to English and become proficient asap. You can start by setting your profile language in the platform, writing captions with flair, and using hashtags to get exposed. Moreover, it is essential to remember that language learning should be fun and easy – try using the Promova app for enjoyable interactive lessons tailored to your needs!


How do I change my language settings on Instagram?

To change language settings on Instagram, go to your profile and tap the Settings icon. Select “Account,” then “Language,” and then choose from the available Instagram languages.

How can I practice my English with TikTok captions?

Using the right words to express yourself on TikTok can help you practice your English writing. Choose topics related to culture and pop phrases recognizable by many people so you get creative without worrying about making mistakes.

Is social media language learning suitable for all levels?

Both beginners and advanced English speakers can take advantage of the English language TikTok learning. It is a great way to practice your vocabulary, as you can use captions from popular songs and fun phrases and words related to culture.

Are there any other language-learning tools I can use?

With dozens of language learning tools available, you can find one that best suits your needs. With the help of tools like the Cambridge DictionaryWordnik, and Quizlet, you may increase your vocabulary more quickly.


PromovaDec 15th, 2023
Yes, changing your portable device's language to English can significantly aid in language immersion while using TikTok and Instagram. By setting your device's language to English, you further envelop yourself in an environment conducive to learning the language. This immersion extends beyond the social media apps, enhancing your overall exposure to English and facilitating a faster learning process.
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Can changing the language on your mobile device assist in language immersion while using TikTok and Instagram?
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This article is a game-changer! The step-by-step instructions make it simple for English learners to adapt their social media usage, allowing us to enjoy the diverse content on TikTok and Instagram in an English-speaking context.