Top TikTok And Instagram Accounts To Learn English

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Top TikTok And Instagram Accounts To Learn English

It doesn't matter if you are a Millennial or a Zommer, we all spend literally hours absorbing content on social media. And even if at first Instagram was conceived as a digital album and TikTok was a childish place for silly dances, now those social media platforms are used to bring benefit to the users. And it's probably not news to you, but learning English through social media is a thing. So don't think it's only for lazy people or it doesn't work. The truth is that learning English on Instagram and TikTok is the real deal. You just need to know how social media can be used for such a purpose. This article will provide you with the best TikTok, and Instagram accounts to follow. So read it and go on socials ASAP!

Educational Instagram Accounts To Follow For Learning English


bbclearningenglish - TikTok Account To Learn English

BBC Learning English is probably the best English Instagram account for learning the British variant. It is undoubtedly one of the first educational Instagram accounts specializing in English learning. So, no wonder that more than 3,6 million people follow the page. 

The account covers different topics, including formal and informal English, grammar, and vocabulary. The content team loves to create fun videos and posts explaining confusing things, such as the difference between similar words. Moreover, they provide their followers with themed idioms, alternatives to overused words and phrases, inspirational quotes from famous people, the "fill the gap" type of post, etc. Also, the social media managers of the BBC Learning English Instagram actively participate in discussions and answer the followers' questions in the comment section. In addition, they give correct answers to all the quizzes in comments after 24 hours. It gives followers enough time to think carefully and pick the right option before the big reveal. 


cambridgeenglish - TikTok Account To Learn English

Cambridge English is another Instagram language learning account that teaches people British English. As it said in the account description, they "help people learn English and prove their skills to the world ."So how do they do that? Let's break it down for you. 

Since Cambridge Assessment English provides the world's most recognized exams that confirm different levels of English proficiency, its English Instagram account also features posts to learn about various aspects of the English language. It helps the followers familiarize themselves with and prepare for actual test tasks. 

However, test preparation is not the main feature of Cambridge English on Instagram. Their content creators also make posts to explain grammar, correct mistakes, test your English, expand your vocabulary, help with your pronunciation, give language learning tips, and introduce you to new things in English. They do everything in an easy and interactive way to keep you focused and engaged. 


idiomland - TikTok Account To Learn English

You can instantly guess what this English Instagram account focuses on by its name. Yes, Idiom Land is all about idioms. Once in a while, the account posts with a new idiom that you can easily use in your everyday life. Before reels became a thing, they used regular posts to explain idioms, which consisted of the silly illustration, the idiom itself, its meaning, origins, exciting facts, and examples. In 2022 Idiom Land switched to reels with clips from your favorite films and series such as "Breaking Bad," "The Big Bang Theory," "The Truman Show," "The Office," "The Wolf Of Wall Street," etc. 


cambridgeenglish - TikTok Account To Learn English

This Instagram account collects various types of content from social media creators with educational Instagram accounts dedicated to English. Probably, you won't find any logic in how managers of "English in general" provide their followers with content. However, the positive aspect is that they make several posts every day. So, you can be sure that all up-to-date topics will be covered with a fresh approach. 


englishwithnab - TikTok Account To Learn English

This is the first English Instagram account on our list that belongs to one person. Meet Nab Darell! He is a professional English tutor with several years of experience. Nab love to create English teaching content on social media giving all users a chance to improve their skills for free.  

Nab doesn't disclose his country of origin. Once, he answered he was martian when a follower asked about his nationality. Nonetheless, over the years, he gained a beautiful Americanish accent. Only native English speakers and advanced learners are able to hear his slightly foreign accent and recognize non-native in him. 

Nab loves to make videos about correcting mistakes and "don't always say" type of posts where he gives synonyms to overused phrases. He teaches brightly and cheerfully, so his content won't stress you. His videos would benefit English learners who know the basics and use English actively. Nab's account is a goldmine for those who want to challenge their English by correcting every possible mistake they can make. 


zenfluentmaria - TikTok Account To Learn English

Another English tutor/creator you should definitely follow on Instagram is Maria. She started learning English when she was only five. However, once Maria went to the US for the first time in her early twenties, she quickly understood that she needed to upgrade her English. It took her two years to feel confident speaking English finally. And, in her middle twenties, she decided to turn her hobby into a full-time job. And just like that, only in nine months, Maria gained one million followers on Instagram. So, why do English learners love Maria's account so much?

First, being Macedonian, Maria speaks with a proper American accent. Her speech is clear and well-articulated. So, there are no problems with understanding her content by ear. Nonetheless, she adds captions to all her videos to make them useful for elementary and intermediate English learners. In addition, Maria emits positivity with every word that comes from her mouth. Because of that, her content is easy to perceive. And finally, Maria demonstrates the use of English and teaches the followers by creating acting videos. She writes small scenarios and plays all the roles in the scenes. 


hadar.accentsway - TikTok Account To Learn English

And the last Instagram creator who teaches English on social media on this list is Hadar Shemesh. She is a pronunciation expert and English fluency mentor with more than 14 years of experience. Hadar worked with big companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, IBM, GM, WeWork, Wix, etc. She is committed to helping English learners communicate clearly and confidently in English.

On her Instagram, Hadar greatly focuses on bite-sized lessons for your pronunciation. She explains how to pronounce all the English consonants and vowels correctly, make your speech clearer, and pronounce certain challenging words. Also, you can practice intonation and connected speech with her videos. Probably, it's needless to say, Hadar has a great American accent. Just listen to her!

Educational TikTok Accounts To Follow For Learning English


speakenglishwithzach - TikTok Account To Learn English

The first TikTok language tutor on our list is Zach. Unfortunately, he doesn't have any personal information about himself. But, frankly, we don't really need it. His 4,8 million followers and 50 million likes said it all. He is one of the best TikTok English teachers. 

Zach doesn't make play roles. He focuses on knowledge and not the image part of his videos. He always appears on your FYP in portrait mode and stuffі your brain with English. We can't say it is a typical TikTok style, but it works for him and English learners on social media. 

Zach has a very clear British accent. You would benefit from his videos where he asks you to practice dialogs with him. Also, he makes your brain remember all the words that may be sitting in your head by showing the pics or describing the meaning and giving you time to think about the definitions. Moreover, Zach teaches idioms and makes you practice English by filling the gaps in sentences and asking questions with given words. 


carolinakowanz - TikTok Account To Learn English

Next is Carolina Kowanz from Berlin, Germany. Teaching has been her passion from a very early age, so she decided to get her diploma in education. Carolina loves watching people benefit and change for the better due to the education they are receiving.

Carolina gives TikTok users English educational content every day. She creates simple videos explaining words and phrases and well-thought-out scripted videos where she plays several characters. Although her accent is solid, only an advanced ear will hear some minor errors occasionally. 


english.with.lucy - TikTok Account To Learn English

Another great English tutor on TikTok is Lucy, a native English speaker from Great Britain. As she says, Lucy grew up in a tiny village in the English countryside, but she has always had big dreams. Her professional goal is to help people to speak English confidently and fluently. And she makes it happen through TikTok. 

Lucy teaches British English in her account, including the British lexicon, spelling, grammar, and pronunciation. However, she sticks to the headshot format videos in which she explains all the nuances of British English. Don't worry, Lucy doesn't have a strong accent. She is a professional in teaching English, for goodness' sake!


antonioparlati - TikTok Account To Learn English

The absolute winner on our list in terms of followers and likes is the TikTok account of Antonio Parlati. Antonio is a language enthusiast and polyglot from Naples, Italy. In his early twenties, he reached more than 5,8 million followers and more than 95,6 million likes on his English teaching TikTok account. Antonio started getting interested in languages when he was only ten years old. Back then, he watched the movie Titanic in English for the first time and has stuck to films with original voiceovers ever since. Currently, Antonio studies at university, where he took up Spanish and American studies. 

Antonio's TikTok became extremely popular because of his creative approach and American accent. However, in one interview, he confessed that he had never been abroad, so all the credit for his American accent goes to him for being such a hard worker. 

In his videos, Antonio focuses mainly on vocabulary to help people who struggle with learning English improve their skills. He is not a fan of two-character videos, but he loves to include short clips from movies and tv series in his educational videos. 


teacher.aliona tik tok - learn english

The last TikTok creator that teaches English on social media on our list is Aliona Shykhevych. She is a DELTA English teacher and translator with more than eight years of experience from Ukraine. However, people on TikTok know her as a “CEO of an American accent.” As you probably guessed already, Aliona creates a lot of educational two-character videos about American pronunciation and vocabulary. She explains how to pronounce words and phrases in the American variant of English in an easy and funny way. Aliona is all about positive vibes, so your face always lights up with a smile when she appears on your FYP. She is outstanding at hopping on trendy sounds on TikTok, which make her videos even more fascinating. 

How Can English Instagram And TikTok Accounts Be Used To Learn The Language

Unfortunately, it is proven that our gadgets and social media are extremely noisy and intrusive. Meaning it's no secret that they eavesdrop on our conversations, pay attention to our search requests and collect data from our activities to promote products and services that we might or might not need. Depending on the situation and people, it can be seen as a positive or negative feature. Nonetheless, we can't deny that social media help us learn English. You ask how English Instagram and TikTok be used to learn the language. Well, here are some variants. 

  1. Follow. You can start by subscribing to some educational Instagram accounts for English learning. The algorithms will show you posts with desirable content only occasionally, so remember to turn notifications about new posts and stories on. 
  2. Let TikTok know that you are interested in learning English. Once social media picks up that you want more educational English content, it will give you video clips to help you master your English skills. The beauty of TikTok is that the content for learning English will appear on your FYP randomly but will be carefully selected just for you. 
  3. Don't be shy to ask a question. Language teaching content is usually pretty good on social media, but some learners still might need to clarify something. And that's okay! The majority of content creators are very responsive and friendly. They would be happy to give you quick feedback on your question. 
  4. Ask your tutor to incorporate social media content into your learning process. If used with intention, Instagram and TikTok can help you to grow your English fluency faster. Watching TikTok videos or reading Instagram posts selected by your tutor can be a fantastic source for homework and self-guided practice. It may seem too modern, but give it a chance. You will notice improvements in no time. 


How To Learn English On Social Media With Promova?

Promova is a universal language learning platform that includes a mobile app, website, personal and group sessions with tutors, and social and media channels. By using Promova for learning English, you can fully expose yourself to the language and immerse yourself in learning. In addition, we provide our learners with all the necessary materials and content to develop their English skills comprehensively. 

You can start your English learning journey by signing up for individual or group English tutoring programs on Promova. We allow people all around the world to take English lessons with certified native-level tutors online anytime and everywhere for the best price. All you need to start is to take the Cambridge Placement Test. Moreover, to ensure that Promova tutors are your perfect match, you can sign up for one free 25-minute lesson during the 7-day trial subscription. Once you find out your current English level, have a trial class, and determine your goals and areas for improvement, you can gamely roll in. 

Off the classes, you can use other Promova features to work on your English by yourself. For instance, download our cool mobile app that is available for IOS and Android. We offer you dozens of cute flashcards with new words to learn that are grouped in bite-sized lessons for easy perception. Also, on the app, you can discover essential English grammar explanations in the format of simple summaries. 

In addition, to expose you to the English language on a daily basis, even more, we create educational and up-to-date articles in the Promova blog and make content for our English Instagram and TikTok. Consuming language as much learning information as possible quickly increases your chances of becoming fluent in English. Follow us on Instagram and TikTok for lit English content. 


Learning English is not limited to individual lessons or group classes with a tutor. There are other ways to learn English, not making torture out of it for yourself. The most chillax option is to follow educational Instagram and TikTok accounts that teach English as a foreign language. For instance, Instagram and TikTok English teachers know how to teach with an entertaining and engaging approach. They love to illustrate the use of English with real-life examples, which makes memorizing new words and understanding grammar almost effortless. Plus, exposure to native accents will help you perceive the language by ear and acquire a preferable accent yourself. Turn your screen time into beneficial time spending. Squeeze the most out of free quality content for learning English on social media. Follow English language TikTok and Instagram accounts! Remember, they are an untapped resource for learning English. As a true TikTok fan, you will love our article about 15 Hyped Songs On TikTok That Will Boost Your Vocabulary


What is a language influencer?

A language influencer is a person who promotes products, materials, and services that can help in learning a new language. Usually, such people are professionals in languages, meaning they have a university degree - bachelor's and/or master's in linguistics or obtain professional language certifications such as CELTA. Language influencers familiarize their audience on social media – Instagram and TikTok with products and services that can make their language learning journey more manageable. The main content on their platforms is not related to the promotion. Instead, they gain followers by giving them free language learning content, including new vocabulary, grammar explanations, correcting common mistakes, pronunciation tricks, etc. 

Is it effective to learn English through social media?

According to the article "Impact of social media on learning the English language during the COVID-19 pandemic" by Muneera Muftah, almost 86.75% of students believe that social media can affect learning English positively. In comparison, 13.25% of them think it negatively affects the language learning process.

The thing is that people spend a lot of time scrolling feeds and FYP on social media. So, on the one hand, it's a good platform for receiving bite-size lessons provided in an easy and fun manner that will stick in your mind effortlessly. But, on the other hand, such a learning approach might not be effective for everyone. Some people may find some English grammar topics, for example, too complicated to be explained in a 30-60 second video. They need a more detailed explanation and time to sink the information into their grey matter. 

What is social media platform better for learning English – TikTok or Instagram?

Traditionally, there are two types of people – pro-Instagram and pro-TikTok. It is impossible to determine which platform is better for language learning. Your choice depends on your personal preferences. However, TikTok and Instagram are built differently in terms of algorithms. For instance, you have a higher chance of coming across English learning videos on TikTok if the app understands that you are into language educational content, of course. At the same time, on Instagram, you have to search for English teaching accounts yourself or follow them after seeing the ads. Nonetheless, both platforms have solid creators specializing in English and providing quality content. So, it's totally up to you through which social media to learn English.

How does social media affect the English language?

Since the beginning, social media has been affecting the English language every day. Because of the social media impact, people started to appropriate existing vocabulary by giving common words other meanings in an online context, using new vocabulary that appeared in recent years and noticing the generational language gap. A recent Samsung study demonstrated that 86% of parents feel that their kids speak an entirely different language on social media. Even people in their late twenties, considered an older generation on TikTok, complain about the challenges of keeping up with the new Gen Z vocabulary. So, to stay in touch with modern English, you should not disdain learning English through social media.  


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