Explore the World and Train Your Brain: Why Is It Important to Learn Another Language?

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Created: Jun 21, 2023Last updated: Feb 1, 2024
Benefits Of Learning A Second Language

Unfortunately, only a few people are raised bilingual, and most are forced to learn English independently. Pass by if you are one of the lucky ones who has spoken several languages since early childhood. However, many are often lazy about studying something new. So, we have gathered the most important benefits of learning a second language.

Everyone will tell you English is critical for your future success. However, it’s often not enough to motivate a person to start learning. So, start thinking about the advantages that education will eventually bring, and all the points below will help you. We are confident you will have no doubts after reading our latest article on this topic!

You Can Communicate with More People

English is international and is used globally. Many people in different countries learn it as their second language. Therefore, it would be easy to find English speakers wherever you go. It’s a perfect chance to contact locals and find out more about their culture, traditions, and other essential things when exploring a new country.

Of course, it will also be an evident advantage in English-speaking regions. You will not have any language barriers when traveling to the US, Canada, the UK, and others. Moreover, such trips will help you strengthen your skills, as native speakers can provide you with some peculiarities you haven’t known before. Traveling is exciting for everyone, so preparing for your dream trip in advance is better. It’s one of the most delightful things about learning new language benefits: everyone loves to explore other countries and their cultures.

The ability to communicate with English speakers is important, not only for travelers. It’s also a chance to host visitors and be able to talk to them. For instance, imagine your co-workers from another country visiting you. You will easily speak to and help them explore your city or town. Communication is essential, and knowing English is indispensable for everyone. Learning another second language will also benefit you, so choose the one you like and dip into the educational process.

New Friends

Traveling anywhere is unnecessary, as you can get acquainted with new people online. The World Wide Web is the perfect tool for connecting users from different countries. However, most still speak English since it’s an international language. Of course, you can always use translation services, but it will not have the same effect. Moreover, such tools often make mistakes and can incorrectly convey your thoughts to the interlocutor, leading to misunderstandings. It is much better to start learning the language right now.

It is worth noting that virtual communication can significantly improve your skills. Furthermore, it’s especially relevant if you keep in touch with native speakers. Ask the interlocutor to correct your mistakes and share some local phrases, bringing your English to the next level. 

More Job Opportunities: Benefits of Learning Another Language

Being competitive in the work environment is challenging. Colleges and universities have thousands of graduates yearly, and it’s often hard to find a job in the short term. And in this case, fluent English will be a significant benefit for a potential employee. So don’t hesitate to start learning as soon as possible. Promova can become your loyal assistant on the way to perfect language knowledge.

Just think about how many opportunities you will get after you learn English. You won’t have to search for a particular job; you will have multiple options in different spheres. Isn’t it a reason to find the best tutor right now?

Building and Expanding Your Business

Undeniably, knowing English or other foreign languages provides advantages when searching for a new job. But what about self-employed people managing their businesses? The main pros of learning a second language include the following:

  • you can find foreign investors for your business;
  • this is an excellent opportunity to enter new markets;
  • suppliers and other partners may also be from different countries.

Knowledge of English is an undoubted advantage for your company. It doesn’t matter if your business is big or small. This is a great chance to connect with new people and improve your performance. 

Top Advantage of Learning a New Language: Education Becomes More Accessible

Entering a university or college is usually challenging for graduates. During the last years of high school, students have to learn multiple disciplines, including English. Therefore, the earlier you start, the easier the process will be. Almost every university now requires at least a B2 level to start education.

Applicants with English proficiency tend to have a higher chance of getting into the college of their dream. Subsequently, knowledge will affect your career and prospects in life, so it’s best to start learning a language as early as possible. Promova provides such an opportunity, as the platform offers classes for different ages and levels.

It’s a Good Training for Your Brain

People learn their whole lives, and this process never stops. According to research, training your brain keeps it in shape, so memorizing something new every day is a great idea. Education can be compared to sport: the more you exercise, the more successful you eventually become. The same works with English and other foreign languages. Take time daily to learn something new, and you will impress others with your excellent skills very soon. This trick is one of the main benefits of learning another language, so don’t hesitate to use it. 

Evaluating the News Feed

It’s essential to follow all events happening worldwide, and knowing several languages will be a helpful tool in this case. The most reputable magazines and journals are initially available in English, so why not learn all the news from the original source? Translation into other languages often distorts the outcome since many authors tend to express their personal opinions.

Dip into the World of Art

Most movies and streaming services are initially in English, so why not learn the language to enjoy the freshest novelties right after their releases? Admit it, who likes to wait for a new episode of their favorite series for many months? Translation requires a long voice acting and adaptation. Moreover, many interesting points are simply lost due to language differences. That is why knowledge of English will be a huge advantage.

You don’t have to look for movies with subtitles or wait for the premiere in your native language. This benefit applies not only to cinema but also to many other things:

  • most games are initially released in English, and not all are translated into other languages;
  • interesting shows on streaming services are also most often in English;
  • world book bestsellers are most often first published in English.

Watching videos and reading books in English are considered the most beneficial tools for improving your listening and speaking skills. You can turn this pastime into learning. Just be attentive to details, and always Google words or phrases you haven’t known before. You will be impressed by how effective this strategy is.


Listening to Music and Understanding Its Sense

Most famous bands and performers sing in English. Just remember how often you tried to understand the lyrics and Googled and translated songs. It’s time to stop it! Learning English and improving your listening skills is the best way to understand everything your favorite performer wants to say. In such an instance, knowing multiple languages is a great solution. Moreover, imagine yourself at a concert of a world-famous star. Would you like to Google songs all the time or just enjoy the music?

Your Native Language Skills Also Strengthen

It might sound unbelievable, but the fact is the fact. Learning English, French, Spanish, etc., as a second language will lead to improvements in grammar skills in your mother tongue. Students must write and speak a lot, translating everything. Therefore, the native language becomes better. Did you think about such advantages of learning?

Knowing Multiple Languages Broadens Your Perspective Significantly

If you consider learning English just boring cramming, you have a bad teacher. Foreign languages are a great way to explore the culture and traditions of another country. You can delve into the details of life in English-speaking regions and better understand the locals without even traveling there. Many techniques will allow you to enjoy the educational process and penetrate the essence of the language and culture.

Possibility of Moving to Another Country

We are confident many people are thinking about moving abroad. And, of course, you can’t do without knowing the language in English-speaking countries! Moving to another region means that you will need to communicate with the locals when you go to the store, use transport, rent an apartment, and so on.

The value of knowing the language is even more appreciated by migrants when looking for a job. You are unlikely to be able to develop a career abroad if you do not know English. So, get started as soon as possible! Migration is challenging for most people: try to minimize your cultural shock beforehand.

Being Bilingual Implies Multitasking

People who speak fluent English, French, Spanish, etc., can notice they can think in several languages simultaneously. During this time, your brain performs multiple tasks, significantly improving efficiency. Therefore, you can develop all the time and consider yourself more intelligent. Of course, bilinguals are valued higher by employers. The ability to speak several languages fluently gives more prospects and competitive advantage during a job search.

It’s a Great Hobby

Do you still consider learning a second language a tedious task? Forget about this stereotype, as it has already become a thing of the past. Modern tutors implement multiple exciting educational methods, so learning is fun and pleasant. Watching movies, modeling real-life situations, and communicating with native speakers are only some points you can take advantage of on the Promova platform. Young, skillful tutors will do everything to provide you with the best materials and an effective program without dull lessons. 

Your Parents Will Be Happy

This point is among the most non-obvious advantages of learning a foreign language. Every mother and father wants their kids to be perfect in everything and reach incredible heights. Of course, learning English is only one of the steps, but it is important. Your parents will be happy with your success, no matter how old you are, 16 or 46. Delight your mom and dad with your impressive skills. And then, why not travel somewhere together?

We bet you didn’t consider all the benefits of learning a second language. However, now you can evaluate every point and understand which of the above reasons will become your primary motivational factor. Of course, you might have thought about where to learn foreign languages. And we have already prepared a comprehensive answer.

Become Multilingual with Promova

Are you still searching for a place to learn English or another foreign language and strengthen your skills? Promova will become a perfect destination. Our highly qualified tutors will provide all the necessary materials for comfortable and effective education. Promova boasts different individual programs for students of all levels, so don’t hesitate to contact us now.

Speaking skills are essential, so keeping them at a high level is a must for every learner. And here, we will also not leave you without assistance. Students can join our Conversation Club and have the best practice. Be ready to discuss the most exciting topics and meet students from different regions. Such practice will be perfect for strengthening your speaking skills in foreign languages.

Promova is all about convenience and efficiency. You can take your language lessons everywhere with you. It’s enough to download an application on your smartphone and enjoy learning in any location. We don’t only provide English classes. Our clients can also take advantage of French and Spanish lessons inside the app.


Aren’t the above reasons to learn a new language enough for you to start now? We are confident that it’s barely impossible to become successful without being bilingual in the modern world. Moreover, learning can be fun and exciting! Forget about boring classes and enjoy your education with the best tutors. Start now, and you will be impressed by how easy and exciting learning can be.


How to start learning English or another foreign language?

You can educate on your own: plenty of materials can be found online. Self-learning is very popular now, as students can choose what they need. However, such an approach often leads to failure: learners lack skills and motivation. Therefore, contacting Promova with professional tutors is the best solution. Our platform offers individual and group classes according to learners’ requests. We guarantee the high efficiency of all programs.

Why is fluent English a competitive advantage during the job search?

Most people dream of working in big companies, as they offer a higher salary and multiple benefits for their employees. However, the biggest companies are often international or simply working with foreigners. Therefore, they have higher expectations and demands for potential employees. Of course, you should also be an expert in the chosen industry, but knowing English is a significant advantage.

Which sources can I use for self-learning?

You can find a lot of books, manuals, and practical lessons online. Moreover, dictionaries will become loyal assistants for those aiming to strengthen their vocabulary. Check Collins and Oxford Dictionary, considered the most reliable sources for English learners.

How much time should I spend learning to speak English fluently?

It is impossible to answer this question unambiguously since everyone is different. Of course, the process will take you years, but you can speed it up by practicing daily. Remember that the language constantly evolves, and knowledge needs to be updated. The best solution would be to combine lessons with a professional teacher and practice with native speakers.


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I couldn't agree more with the insights shared in this article. Learning another language not only enhances cognitive skills but also facilitates cross-cultural connections, making our global society more interconnected.