Names of Jewelry You Didn’t Know: Your Fullest Learner’s Guide

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Created: Jul 4, 2023Last updated: Feb 13, 2024
Names of Jewelry

This may not be the first topic students usually learn. However, it can be helpful in many cases. Maybe you would like to go shopping in English-speaking countries or have a foreign partner you are planning to marry. We are confident you know what a ring is, but what about other accessories? They are an indispensable attribute of our daily lives, being a great addition to clothes to highlight the person’s style. Improving your English vocabulary is always on the agenda, so it’s time to learn more jewelry names! 

Materials Used in Jewelry

Before learning more more about the accessories themselves, it is good to know the materials they are made of. The modern market offers products for every taste. The two most commonly used materials are gold and silver. The choice depends on the customer’s preferences and budget. Some products are also made of platinum, which is considered even more luxurious and costly.

After that, it’s time to learn about additional materials used when manufacturing jewelry. Of course, everyone knows diamonds: every girl dreams of a ring with this flawless stone. But it’s not just limited to diamonds! Emeralds, rubies, and sapphires are often used in jewelry. 

Of course, such products are often expensive, and not everyone can afford a ring with a precious stone. And companies produce many more budget options, the quality of which is no worse. For example, pearls and semi-precious stones such as topaz or amethyst are widely popular among fashionistas worldwide. Spending thousands of dollars to look fantastic is not obligatory, and modern jewelry manufacturers prove it.

Popular Neck Jewelry Types

Since ancient times, women and men have adored such accessories. In past centuries, certain decorations could demonstrate the status and wealth of their owner. Of course, everything has stayed the same in the 21st century. Many people prefer to emphasize their style with such accessories. Such jewelry is generally named necklaces, but there are many types. Let’s look at the most popular options:

  1. A choker is a piece of jewelry that sits tightly around the neck and is worn just above the collarbone or higher. It’s often made of soft fabric and is complemented with a pendant or a small brooch.
  2. An opera necklace is a long accessory that can fall below the bust line. It’s usually decorated with beads or pearls.
  3. Lariat is also known as a Y-necklace, in which the clasp is on the pendant; it is put into a special pouch and forms a beautiful combination.
  4. A collar is similar to a choker, but it’s not the same. It is worn above the collarbone and is made of hard materials like gold and silver.

These are the classic necklaces, but you can find plenty of their variations. Shopping in English-speaking countries will be more pleasant now, as you already know the names. Ask a shop assistant for your desired style and enjoy the most beautiful jewelry.


Jewelry Accessories Names: All About Bracelets

It’s the most popular jewelry; we are confident that everyone has at least one bracelet. But do you know a lot about their types and styles? Don’t worry, as we are already here to tell you the important basis: 

  1. A tennis bracelet is a classic gold product with multiple diamonds on it.
  2. A link bracelet implies multiple chains connected to each other. 
  3. Gemstone jewelry is a silver or gold bracelet with one or multiple gems.
  4. A charm bracelet implies a basis made of silver or gold and different-shaped pendants that can be added.
  5. A bangle is an open bracelet made of silver, gold, wood, or plastic without a clasp.
  6. Ankle bracelets are worn on foot, which is most popular in summer.

There are numerous bracelet styles, and now you know more about how they differ. Choose the perfect option and replenish your looks with amazing accessories. Modern jewelry companies delight customers with varied products for all budgets, so picking an ideal bracelet is easy.

Earrings: Popular Jewelry Names List

Almost every woman wears earrings. Some wear one pair all the time, while others prefer to change the accessory daily according to their mood. But have you ever thought about their names? Learning different styles is a great idea, especially if you plan to buy some new jewelry in English-speaking countries. Look at the main words you should know:

  1. Stud earrings are miniature accessories in the form of a circle, square, or rhombus that don’t have a visible clasp.
  2. Clip-on earrings are products that allow you to wear the accessory even if you do not have pierced ears.
  3. Cuffs are similar to clip-on earrings; you can wear them not only on a lobe but also on other parts of the ear.
  4. Cluster earrings are similar to stud style, but the product is bigger. They are usually decorated with gems or beads.
  5. Hoop earrings imply a big, round-shaped accessory.
  6. Drop earrings hang below the earlobe and are usually complemented with gems or pearls.
  7. Dangle accessory implies long earrings that sometimes even reach the collarbone.

Which style would you prefer – a piece of tiny jewelry or long earrings replenished with gems and pearls? Learning the available options in advance will simplify your choice in the shop! Handcrafted jewelry is also a popular option: unique products will perfectly highlight your image.

Ring Styles You Might Like

For many people, a ring is not only an accessory but rather a symbol. It’s not surprising since such jewelry is often presented during engagements, weddings, and other important events. Now the market offers many accessories, from modest silver products to luxurious royal rings. Let’s take a look at the most popular jewelry items names list:

  1. Engagement rings are jewelry a guy gives a girl when he asks her to marry him. Often, this is a gold item with a large diamond or another precious stone in the middle.
  2. Wedding rings are the accessories that the newlyweds exchange during their marriage ceremony. The classic version involves smooth jewelry made of silver or gold.
  3. Monogram rings imply openwork patterns, replenished with gems or precious stones.
  4. A cluster ring is a massive old-fashioned accessory with multiple different-sized gemstones.
  5. A cocktail ring is a big accessory with a giant gemstone in the middle.

Of course, the variety of rings is now impressive. Manufacturers delight not only with classic round accessories but also jewelry in the shape of snakes and other animals. But remembering the basic definitions and differences will be enough to choose your perfect item. Don’t forget that it’s crucial to learn more in advance. Moreover, pronunciation is also essential, so get some practice so that English speakers can understand you.

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You never know when you will appear in a situation when jewelry vocabulary comes in handy. Even though this terminology cannot be considered basic, many would like to learn it. Did you know the difference between a choker and collar necklaces? We hope that our latest article was helpful for every reader.


How to choose the perfect jewelry?

You need to consider many factors to purchase the accessory that you will wear with pleasure. Start with your preferences: pay attention to your style and the events you are going to visit. For example, fancy bijouterie made of bright beads is unlikely to be appropriate in a business setting.

Where to learn more about jewelry terminology?

Online dictionaries like Oxford or Cambridge can become your loyal assistants. They provide vocabulary on different topics and will be helpful for every learner. You can also contact Promova and indicate terminology you want to study during your classes. Our proficient tutors will do everything for your comfortable and pleasant education.

What should I need if I go shopping for jewelry in English-speaking countries?

It is necessary have at least a minimal vocabulary to explain what you need. Moreover, ensure you go to a reputable shop to avoid buying fake items. Assistants in branded stores will help you with your choice and provide you with all the necessary recommendations.

What is the trendiest jewelry in 2023?

Fashion is fast-changing, and following all the updates is often challenging. The best jewelry items you should pay attention to include massive accessories, asymmetric earrings, imperfect pearls, large chains, and bright colors. Maximalism is in trend now, so jewelry is never enough. Of course, you should consider your preferences and select items that fit your general style.


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