Love Language 101: How to Say “I Love You” Like a Native Speaker

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Created: Apr 11, 2023Last updated: Jan 29, 2024

Like Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, love is the most beautiful feeling every person can experience. It can be tender and passionate, intense and calm, but it definitely doesn’t leave anyone indifferent. And as there are many forms of this feeling, there are also many other ways to say I love you aside from these well-known words. This article is all about that! Today we will tell you how to express your feelings to different people in different relationships. So don’t forget to turn on that one Elvis song, and let’s dive right into it. 

5 Main Ways to Say “I Love You” in English

Before learning various phrases and expressions about love, let’s briefly discuss one important thing. As we’ve mentioned, there are many forms of love. And since there are almost eight billion people in the world, everyone expresses their feelings differently. So if you are looking for another way to say I love you because simple words don’t suit you, you will probably be interested in the thing called the love language

Dr. Gary Chapman first introduced this concept to the world in 1992. It was the year he released his renowned book. And even though this wonderful study mostly outlines the feelings between romantic partners, we believe it can be used for different forms of relationships, like expressing love to your parents or friends. So, what are these love languages? There are five of them, each describing a different type of sharing and experiencing love. 

  1. Words of affirmation. People who have this love language mainly appreciate verbal expressions of love. They feel valuable when receiving compliments, kind words, and sometimes even praise. Also, they express their feelings the same way – using different words. 
  2. Quality time. This love language is all about spending undivided attention with your loved one. You don’t need to say anything, but you do need to be fully present with the person and enjoy various activities together. Forget about watching TV and scrolling through TikTok near your partner, because being in the same room doesn’t mean spending quality time with each other. 
  3. Receiving gifts. So, the names of these love languages are pretty much talking about themselves, right? As you can guess, the person with this one expresses and receives love through different presents. These gifts don’t have to be very expensive, but they should be thoughtful and meaningful. 
  4. Acts of service. People with this love language value small but helpful acts and gestures, such as household chores, running errands, etc. For such individuals, actions speak louder than words, so you don’t have to say I love you fifteen times daily. It will be enough to help them with a complex project or prepare a dinner. 
  5. Physical touch. Last but not least, this language means expressing and receiving love through physical affection. It includes kisses, hugs, holding hands, cuddling, etc. People who value physical touch mostly feel loved and connected by physical contact. 

Knowing your partner’s or close person’s love language is even more important than knowing their favorite meal. It highly affects any form of relationship. If you know how to make your significant other feel valued (and they know the same thing about you), you will become each other’s happily ever after. 


10 Formal Ways To Say “I Love You”

Now that you know everything you need about saying I love you in different ways, it is time to return to our main subject. By the way, if the Elvis song is already finished, turn on “I Just Called To Say I Love You” by Stevie Wonder. So, let’s think about it for a second – who is the first person we think about when it comes to love? Of course, it is probably a husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, life partners, parents, siblings, or our best friends. But can it be anyone else? 

Of course, it can! Mostly, we feel this way about the people who treat us with kindness, who make us comfortable, and who we spend a lot of time with. It can be our first English tutor, a neighbor, a colleague, or even a boss. Our gratitude and appreciation towards them can also be considered love, just not the romantic form of it. And of course, you can express this feeling to them as well, but you need to choose the proper words and timing. Here is the list of the best phrases to say I love you in formal circumstances. 

  • I have the utmost love and respect for you. 
  • You are very dear to my heart, and I love you deeply. 
  • I value and respect you highly. 
  • I cherish our bond. 
  • I am genuinely grateful for having you in my life. 
  • I adore you. 
  • I am honored to share my time with you. 
  • My feelings for you are sincere and unwavering.
  • You have my love and devotion. 
  • I am blessed to know you and love you. 

You can use all these expressions in various circumstances, and they can express different forms of love. Just make sure to say them in a proper context and ensure that they won’t make the other person uncomfortable. And now, it’s time to listen to the next love-related song (we recommend “We Found Love” by Rihanna) and move forward to the next topic. 

10 Informal Ways To Say “I Love You”

There are so many phrases that mean I love you in English that it is nearly impossible to name them all. But we did our best to pick the most suitable ones. We prepared a list of informal expressions to expand your vocabulary and express love to your friends, relatives, or significant others. So, how do you say I love you informally?

  • You mean the world to me. 

Even though you can’t find three main words in this expression, it still shows the importance of the other person and how much they mean to you. For example:

It’s been over twenty years, and you still mean the world to me. 

I am so happy to have you by my side. You mean the world to me. 

  • I am crazy about you. 

Even the diva Beyoncé sang about how crazy in love she is. Hence, you can imagine how strong the feeling that this phrase describes is. For example: 

You are the best person I’ve ever known. I am crazy about her. 

My wife is my best friend. I am crazy about her. 

  • I am addicted to you. 

Firstly, we need to mention that we don’t support any form of addiction. But, of course, love is an exception. So this phrase is another perfect way to say I love you in different words. For example: 

I don’t need drugs because I am so addicted to you. 

You can’t imagine how much I am addicted to you. 

  • You are my soulmate. 

This phrase is a great way to express your feelings to your friends and show how much you appreciate them. A soulmate is someone you feel very close to, even in a non-romantic way. For example:

The minute I saw you, I knew that you were my soulmate. 

You are my soulmate, and I am so happy to have you in my life. 

  • You make me feel alive. 

It is amazing how much our loved ones can affect our lives. They are with us in our darkest days, and this phrase is a great way to say how much we love and appreciate them and how much it means to us. For example: 

I have no idea what I would do without you. You make me feel alive. 

I’ve never been happier before. You make me feel alive. 

  • You light up my world. 

This phrase is similar to the previous one, showing appreciation and love to our friends and significant others. For example: 

It’s been a rough year, but I was happy to have you by my side. You light up my world. 

You light up my world like nobody else!

  • I can’t go on without you. 

Yes, we have been listening to hundreds of love songs while writing this article. And no, we don’t regret anything! This phrase became famous after KALEO released their famous song with the same name and is now used as one of the popular ways of expressing your romantic feelings. For example:

You are the most important person in my life. I can’t go on without you. 

I can’t go on without you, love. 

  • I am head over heels for you. 

This idiomatic expression is another way to say to someone you are crazy about them. And it is one of our favorites! For example:

I won’t lie – I am head over heels for you. 

I’m not a guru or something, but I believe this guy has his head over heels for you. 

  • You are the apple of my eye. 

You can use this famous idiom to describe a person who is very dear to you, who you cherish and love. For example:

Oh, Darla, the apple of my eye. I love you so much. 

Darling, you are the apple of my eye. I am blessed to have you. 

  • Love you to the moon and back. 

The last on our list is this fantastic phrase that can describe the strongest feeling. It says that you love the person so much that your feeling spreads all over the distance to the moon (and mind you, it is over three hundred thousand kilometers) and back. For example: 

You can’t imagine how much it meant to me. Love you to the moon and back. 

I love you to the moon and back. You are the best.

7 Different Ways of Saying I Love You

Many people believe that “I love you” are the three most challenging words to say. And we can explain that with many reasons. For someone, they are hard because the person has an elementary fluency level in English, and it is difficult for them to find the right words. In other cases, people are not used to saying these words and prefer to express their feelings differently. So if you recognize yourself in these lines, don’t worry! Here are the best ways to say I love you without actually saying it.

  • Surprise a person with their favorite meal. Cooking dinner or surprising your loved ones with a treat they love is a way to show your affection through action. It shows you know what they like and that you are willing to put in the effort to make them happy.
  • Plan a date. Whether it’s a romantic getaway, a day trip to a local attraction, or a picnic in the park, planning a fun outing together is a great way to show you love someone. It’s a chance to create new memories and make a person feel valued.
  • Help them with something important. Offering to help someone with a task they’ve been dreading or struggling with is also a great way to show your love through action.
  • Give them a massage. Ahh, who doesn’t like to relax? It is a great way to show someone you love them without saying it. It can be a simple foot massage after a long day or a full body massage. It’s also a perfect way to connect with each other physically.
  • Surprise them with a thoughtful gift. A small gesture can go a long way. It could be something as simple as leaving a love note in their lunch or surprising them with a small, cute present that shows you were thinking of them.
  • Listen to them. Sometimes, the most powerful way to express your love is simply to listen. Giving someone your full attention when they’re talking and really hearing what they’re saying can make them feel valued and loved.
  • Take care of them when they’re sick. When someone you love is sick, taking care of them is a way to show their importance. Bring them soup, ensure they have everything they need, and demonstrate that you are there for them during a tough time.

These are only a few examples of expressing love to someone without saying the words. And even though they are quite simple, you need to remember that the best way to show your appreciation and love is to put some effort into making the other person feel valued, cherished, and simply happy. 

Romantic Movies and TV Shows to Find The Best Way to Say I Love You

We want to make a small gift for you to consolidate your knowledge. Today, it will be a comprehensive guide to the best movies ever. Of course, all of them are about love! But we’ve divided them into three sections, so you can choose the best ones based on your fluency level. 

A1-A2 Movies and TV Shows

Let’s start from the beginning. You are mistaken if you believe people with basic fluency levels can’t watch movies in the original language. There are tons of materials available for A1-A2s, especially regarding love! Check out these three movies that we admire and recommend you to watch.

Notting Hill (1999)

There are many reasons why we’ve decided to start with this movie. First, Julia Roberts. Like, have you seen her? But she is not even the main one. The main reason is that it is very romantic, simple, and easy to understand, even for non-native speakers. 

This story is about forbidden love between a famous actress and a regular owner of a small bookstore in London. They met by accident, but it changed their lives. The movie is romantic and beneficial for English learners since it contains casual vocabulary and simple dialogues between the main characters. 

Friends (1994-2004)

Avid readers of the Promova blog know that we have a soft spot for this TV show. But we are not ashamed of it. So once again, we recommend you watch it immediately, especially if you meet these two criteria: you’ve never seen it before, and your fluency level is somewhere between A1 and A2. 

In addition to simple vocabulary and casual dialogues, it contains multiple storylines, love connections, different relationships, etc. And in this TV show, you will see our favorite romantic couple in the history of cinematography (no, not Ross and Rachel; Chandler and Monica!)

The Notebook (2004)

Okay, and now it is time for true drama. We want to ask you something if you’ve never seen this movie. How is it – to live with a not broken heart? Anyway, before we start bawling our eyes out, we will tell you that this movie is suitable for A2 learners who want to expand their vocabulary with some simple yet useful phrases and expressions. 

The story is about a young couple in the 1940s. And mind you, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams play the leading roles, so you will be stunned by the beauty from the first seconds. We won’t tell you more about the plot because you must see it yourself. Just a friendly piece of advice – don’t forget to buy a few packs of tissues before watching it. 

B1-B2 Movies and TV Shows

Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate fluency levels significantly differ from the Elementary ones. You already know many more words, and it becomes much easier for you to understand the speech of native speakers. Therefore, you can now broaden your horizons and try watching these famous movies and TV shows (or, as we call them, the masterpieces).

Love Actually (2003)

This romantic comedy-drama follows the lives of eight couples during the Christmas season in London. It features a star-studded cast (just imagine Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, and many more) and various love stories that interconnect throughout the movie. Students at an Intermediate level can benefit from this picture, as it includes more complex and nuanced English and cultural references that can help learners understand British culture on a deeper level.

Eat, Pray, Love (1993)

This movie is based on the bestselling memoir of the same name by Elizabeth Gilbert. She travels to Italy, India, and Indonesia for self-discovery and love. It is an excellent choice for B1-B2 level learners as it includes more complex vocabulary and expressions and can help learners improve their listening and speaking skills by listening to and imitating the dialogue of native speakers.

Pretty Woman (1990)

And guess what? Julia Roberts again! This romantic comedy is about a wealthy businessman who falls in love with a sex worker he hires as his companion for a week. This classic movie is perfect for B1-B2 level learners as it features more sophisticated language and situations that are still easy to follow.

C1-C2 Movies and TV Shows

Advanced levels allow you to watch almost anything you want in English. Hence, we didn’t look for specific movies to help you learn new words. We’ve just decided to share our all-time favorites, so the next time you need to add romance (or drama) and love to your life, just turn them on and enjoy.

Titanic (1997)

How could we forget about it? This movie is considered a classic of drama and romance. It was released over twenty years ago, but our hearts are still wounded. In addition to the star cast (and when we say star, we mean Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet), you will receive an exciting plot, advanced vocabulary, and good practice for your listening skills. And if you still have those tissues since the Notebook, please don’t throw them away. You will probably need them again.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

This movie is a romantic science-fiction drama. And if that doesn’t sound surreal enough for you, just remember that the fantastic Jim Carrey plays the lead role in this film. It is a story about the complex nature of people’s memories and relationships. Its nonlinear storytelling and the variety of metaphors are challenging for the non-prepared viewer. That is why we don’t recommend it if you are not yet advanced in English.

Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Promova supports and admires all forms of love. And even though Pride Month is not here yet, we want to finish this block with this film to remind you that everyone deserves to be loved and cherished. This classic movie tells the story of two young men who meet and fall in love while working as shepherds in Wyoming in the 1960s. The moving picture has won three Oscars, and many people consider it a masterpiece. Yet, it contains complex language and subtle character development, so once again, we recommend it for C1-C2 English speakers.

Learning How To Say I Love You in Different Ways With Promova

As you can see, you can say hundreds of expressions instead of a traditional “I love you.” Yet, if you are not fluent in English, remembering and understanding them all might be challenging. But don’t worry because we always have your back! And if you want to find the best place to seek help from real professionals, we want to introduce you to Promova. This language-learning platform has much to offer, and we invite you to get acquainted with the most popular features. 

  1. Personal lessons with professional tutors. Finding the best teacher who can help you reach your goals is a tricky task. But with Promova, you can do it in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is pass a quick test to determine your proficiency level and provide additional information to let us know more about you. After that, you can start your studying journey immediately. And if you are not sure about your final decision, just book a free trial lesson and see what to expect.
  2. Fun and exciting group lessons. If you don’t like studying alone and are always searching for good company, you need to check our group lessons. Here you can meet people from all over the world and make new international friends, practice speaking skills, discuss various topics, and simply have fun. 
  3. User-friendly application. The Promova app is a perfect solution for those who like to study on the go anytime they want. You can install this convenient application from the App Store or Google Play Market, provide some information about yourself, and access dozens of expert materials to master all the necessary skills.  
  4. Free Conversation Club. For those of you who don’t need to study but still want to practice some speaking skills, we have our Conversation club. Here, you can discuss hundreds of exciting topics, current trends, movies, music – almost everything you want – with people from different countries. It is a perfect way to practice speaking and learn something new about the subjects you are interested in. 

These are only a few of the many options on the official Promova website. Honestly, we are thrilled to know which ones are the most suitable for you. So please, don’t waste any minute! Open the website (as soon as you finish this article!) and start your path to English fluency with Promova. 


You probably noticed that we had mentioned several love-related songs in this article. Firstly, we were also listening to them to find some inspiration. But also, we did this to remind you about how many people were praising this incredible feeling. Everyone, from Shakespeare to Kanye, experienced love at least once, and they used hundreds of unique words to describe it. 

Today’s article contains many other words to say I love you. But they all have the same purpose – to show people in our lives how much we value and appreciate them. We hope that you find something useful here for yourself. And please share some of your favorite romantic songs in the comments section. We want to upgrade our playlist with something new.


What does the phrase “the moon is beautiful tonight” mean?

It is a famous Japanese saying you can use as an alternative to saying I love you. Of course, the best moment to say it is in the late evening, when you can actually see the moon. And if the person responds with “I can die happy,” – don’t worry. They are just saying that they love you too.

Is understanding different love languages can improve relationships?

Definitely yes! Moreover, it is one of the most important keys to a healthy and long-lasting relationship. When both partners know each other’s love languages, they can do their best to make their loved ones feel valued and appreciated. But you also need to remember that it is important for both partners to put effort into the relationship. 


What are some creative ways to say “I love you” in a long-distance relationship?

The most old-fashioned (but still extremely romantic) thing you can do for your partner is to send them an actual handwritten letter or note. You can say how much you love and miss them and how much you are waiting for them. Also, you can order something exciting for them, like flowers or something they have wanted for a long time. Finally, in the era of the Internet, you can just send them some fun and romantic messages or make a social media post about them.

Are there any situations where it’s inappropriate to say “I love you” in a romantic context?

Yes, unfortunately, sometimes saying these words can be inappropriate and make other people feel uncomfortable. For example, if you have been dating someone for a few days or weeks, it is probably too early to say you love them (even if you feel it was love at first sight). Also, it is better not to say that if you know the other person doesn’t feel the same way. 


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