Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers: The Importance of Learning English in Today’s World

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Created: Jul 27, 2023Last updated: Feb 12, 2024
The Importance of Learning English

Why learn English? Since childhood, we hear from parents, teachers, and other adults that knowing this language is vital for many reasons. For some people, it is an opportunity to build a remarkable career. Others learn it to travel the world and communicate with locals. But is it all? Or, are there more reasons for learning this language? Let’s find the answers together!

The Role of English in Global Communication

English is truly considered a global language in the modern world. It is official in over fifty countries, with over a billion people speaking it at different levels. Learning English is important for both objective and subjective reasons. To understand them all, let’s begin with general factors that explain the significance of this language.

  1. It’s a lingua franca of international businesses and trade. Effective communication is essential for successful collaborations and transactions with countless global companies. English, as the common language, bridges the gap between people from different linguistic backgrounds, ensuring seamless interactions and promoting mutual understanding.
  2. It’s a language of online communication and social media. In today’s digital era, English has emerged as the predominant language of the Internet. English websites, blogs, articles, and social media posts dominate the online landscape, providing knowledge and entertainment to users from various countries. This prevalence facilitates the exchange of information and fosters a sense of community among individuals who can speak with each other despite being geographically distant.
  3. It’s a language of diplomacy and international relations. English serves as the primary language for official connections between nations. Diplomats, foreign affairs professionals, and delegates from different countries communicate in English during negotiations, international conferences, and multilateral summits. Proficiency in English is, therefore, a prerequisite for diplomats representing their countries and engaging in diplomatic discussions on a global platform.

This is how we see English in a global arena. But what about subjective reasons? Not everyone wants to be a diplomat or a business person. Therefore, it is now time to explore more personal reasons for starting to learn English.

Why to Study English: Main Advantages for Learners

While English offers practical advantages in diplomacy, business, and other international relations, its subjective benefits resonate with individuals seeking personal growth, cultural enrichment, and expanded opportunities in various aspects of life. Hence, let’s forget about everyone else and explore the main reasons to learn English that might be profitable specifically for you.

Career Opportunities

Imagine having the chance to open doors to exciting career opportunities, not just in your own country but across the globe. Learning English can give you a competitive edge, making you more attractive to international companies and employers. You’ll be able to communicate confidently with colleagues and clients from different countries; who knows, it might even lead you to work on thrilling international projects that align with your passions and skills.

Educational Benefits

Learning English can also give you many educational opportunities if a career is not your priority right now. You can explore various study programs at renowned universities worldwide, broadening your horizons while pursuing your dream education. You’ll have access to cutting-edge research, academic literature, online courses, and tons of other valuable materials, enabling you to stay at the forefront of your field.

Travel Experiences

English proficiency enriches your travel experiences in ways you never imagined. As you explore new countries and immerse yourself in different cultures, your ability to communicate in English becomes invaluable. You’ll find that this language is widely spoken in many popular tourist destinations, allowing you to navigate with ease and interact with locals effortlessly. 

Picture yourself confidently ordering your favorite dishes at local restaurants, asking for directions to must-see landmarks, and striking up friendly conversations with fellow travelers worldwide. Your English skills open doors to genuine connections, making your travel experiences more authentic and memorable.

English in Science, Technology, and Innovation

Imagine contributing to groundbreaking advancements in science and technology. With English proficiency, you can actively participate in international research communities, collaborating with brilliant minds from different countries. By sharing ideas and innovations in English, you’ll be part of the global effort to shape the future and positively impact society.

Cognitive and Personal Development

Learning English isn’t just about language; it’s about personal growth, too. As you embark on this journey, you’ll sharpen your cognitive abilities, enhancing your memory, problem-solving skills, and mental agility. This newfound confidence in expressing yourself will spill over into other areas of life, making you feel more self-assured and accomplished.


Unexpected and Fun Reasons to Start Learning English

While all the above reasons are fundamental, we understand that they still might not be enough. After all, not everyone wants to study at Harvard or participate in scientific research. We have a few more reasons for you to start learning English. But this time, they are more entertaining.


We already mentioned that English is the predominant language of the Internet. But let’s be honest – you don’t always go there to study. And when we say that most online content is in English, we mean not only educational articles but also tons of memes, funny videos, and other entertaining materials. Learning English allows you to fully appreciate the humor behind popular memes and quirky jokes, providing more access to unique entertainment.

Movies and TV shows with or without subtitles. 

We always say that watching content in the original language is highly beneficial for language learning. But imagine how great it is when your fluency has already reached its highest level. When you know English enough to start watching your favorite movies or TV series, you can fully appreciate all the details and immerse yourself in the atmosphere. And this time, you don’t have to pause to translate unusual words.

Celebrity gossip. 

The Hailey vs. Selena drama has already finished, but it doesn’t mean that nothing juicy is left in the celebrity world. If you like to hear the tea about Hollywood dramas, then believe us – English proficiency will be a significant advantage. When you know the language, you can find out about all the breaking news immediately and discuss them with people who share the same interests online and offline.

Song lyrics. 

When you know English, you can enjoy the most popular songs to the fullest by understanding their lyrics. You can sing along, grasp the meaning behind the music, and connect with the artists’ emotions through their words. It allows you not only be aware of the song’s meaning, but also avoid listening to sensitive content or lyrics you wouldn’t like to listen to in your native language.

Dad jokes.

Okay, we know the last one is questionable, but it is still our favorite. Cheesy and often cringeworthy dad jokes are a classic form of English humor. The thing about such jokes is that they are so unfunny that they make you laugh. Most puns are usually based on wordplay, so you need to reach a certain fluency level to get them right. And it is a perfect reason to learn English. By the way, do you have any favorite dad jokes? Here’s ours: 

A: Would you rather be a human baby or a matter baby?

B: Matter, baby? What’s the matter, baby?

A: Nothing, sugar, what’s the matter with you?

Why is Learning English Important – Find the Answer with Promova

Since there are many reasons to start learning English, there are also numerous ways to do so. You can do it by yourself, using convenient apps, books, blogs, and other resources. But if you think you might use some help, turn to Promova, your one-stop solution for English fluency. Whether you’re starting from scratch or just a few steps away from the Advanced level, we have a lot to offer.

At Promova, we provide 1x1 English lessons with certified tutors tailored to your needs and goals. Our experienced and certified tutors will guide you through the learning process, providing constructive feedback and support every step of the way. Whether you prefer one-on-one lessons for a more individual approach or group lessons for a dynamic learning experience, we have options to suit your preferences.

We understand that starting a new learning journey can be daunting. That’s why we offer a free trial lesson to give you a taste of our teaching methods and curriculum. During the trial lesson, you’ll get to interact with one of our teachers, assess our teaching style, and experience our engaging and interactive lessons firsthand. It’s an excellent opportunity to get a glimpse of Promova language learning approaches.

Learning English should be flexible and accessible. That’s why we’ve developed a convenient and user-friendly Promova app that allows you to learn anytime, anywhere. Our application offers a range of interactive lessons, exercises, and quizzes to reinforce your learning. Whether on the go or relaxing at home, the app ensures you can continue your English journey at your own pace.

Practice makes perfect, and at Promova, we believe in providing ample opportunities for practice. Our free Conversation Club is a space where learners can engage in casual discussion with language learners around the world. It’s a supportive and encouraging environment to practice speaking, improve fluency, and build confidence in using English in real-life scenarios.

We have diverse resources and programs to meet your learning needs. Our dedicated team is committed to helping you achieve your English fluency goals and empowering you to communicate confidently in any situation. Join us on this exciting language-learning journey, and let’s unlock the world of English together!


Why do you want to learn English? Ask yourself this question before starting your study path. Today, we’ve provided you with various entertaining and educational reasons. But now, it is up to you to decide on your personal goal. When you know exactly why to do so, it is much easier to find the best learning method and focus on things you’re actually interested in. And we, of course, will always be here for you!


Is English a complex language to learn?

English can be considered a moderately complex language to learn. While it has relatively simple grammar compared to other languages, it has challenges. Pronunciation, spelling, and irregular verbs can be tricky for learners. However, English is also known for its widespread availability of learning resources, including textbooks, apps, and online courses, which can facilitate mastering. With dedication, practice, and exposure to the language, many individuals successfully become proficient in English.

Can I learn English at any age, or is it easier for children to pick up the language?

Yes, you can learn English at any age! While it is true that children tend to have a remarkable ability to pick up languages quickly due to their brain’s plasticity, adults can still achieve excellent language proficiency. In fact, adults often have the advantage of prior language knowledge and cognitive maturity, enabling them to understand complex grammatical structures and concepts.

I have a busy schedule; can I still learn English effectively?

Of course, you can! In learning English, like any other language, consistency and effort play a more significant role than time spent. Investing just a few minutes daily can bring better results than doing so for a few hours once a month. That is why you can effectively learn English and achieve impressive results, even with the busiest schedule.

Why are people afraid of starting an English-learning journey?

Several reasons contribute to people’s fear or hesitation to start an English-learning journey. It includes fear of making mistakes, lack of confidence, overwhelm, and even negative previous experiences. To overcome these barriers, it is essential to approach language learning with a positive mindset and patience.


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