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Modelling is the art of creating a scaled, three-dimensional representation of an object, person or scene using materials such as clay, wax or other plastic materials.


1. She's been successful in her modelling career since she was 18.

2. The modelling agency offered him a one-year contract.

3. She has a passion for modelling and always looks forward to her photoshoots.



Meaning is the same, but such spelling is mostly used in American English.


1. My daughter loves to watch fashion modeling shows on television.

2. I'm taking a modeling class to learn how to pose for photographs.

3. His modeling career has taken off in the last year.

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breck, demolish




breck, demolish

Tricks for mastery

Useful tips to understand the difference between confusing words "Modelling", "Modeling".

Remember that the spelling of modelling with two 'LL' is specific to British English, while the spelling of modeling with one 'L' is more common in American English.

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Frequently asked questions

When to use the word 'Modelling'?

'Modelling' is the British spelling of the word meaning creating a representation of an object or system using a set of rules. It is commonly used in mathematics, computer science, and machine learning. It can also refer to the art of portraying a person or thing, in order to represent a character or ide

When to use the word 'Modeling'?

'Modeling' is the American spelling of the word which has the same meaning as the British spelling. It is commonly used when referring to the art of portraying a person or thing to represent a character or idea.

Do the words have the same pronunciation?

Yes, the words 'modelling' and 'modeling' are pronounced the same despite the different spellings. The pronunciation is 'muh-deh-ling'.

What are common mistakes associated with the words 'modelling' and 'modeling'?

One of the most common mistakes associated with these words is confusion in spelling. Even native speakers may be unsure of which spelling to use, as they are both accepted in different regions. Another mistake people make is using the word in the wrong context. For example, 'modelling' is used to refer to creating a representation of an object, not the act of portraying someone or something.

Fill in the gaps to check yourself

1. She took a course in ___ while studying in London.

2. The American agency specializes in ___ for commercials and advertisements.

3. His thesis on 3D ___ was well-received by the faculty.

4. While on vacation in the UK, she attended a workshop on clay ___.

5. In both the US and the UK, computer ___ is a sought-after skill in many industries.

6. John, originally from New York, established a ___ agency in Manchester.

1. modelling

Explanation: The clue while studying in London suggests a British context, hence the British spelling modelling with two ls is used.

2. modeling

Explanation: The mention of American agency indicates an American context, which uses the spelling modeling with one l.

3. modeling/modelling

Explanation: No specific geographical context is given in the sentence, so both the American modeling and the British modelling can be used.

4. modelling

Explanation: While on vacation in the UK provides a clue that this is a British context. The British spelling modelling with two ls is the correct choice.

5. modeling/modelling

Explanation: The sentence mentions both the US and the UK, so both spellings modeling (American) and modelling (British) are acceptable.

6. modeling

Explanation: The mention of originally from New York suggests that John might have carried the American way of spelling with him, so modeling with one l is the expected answer. However, this one can be a bit tricky because he established the agency in Manchester, UK.

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