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A mustache is a strip of facial hair grown on the upper lip.


1. His mustache was so long that he had to tie it in a knot.

2. I've always wanted to grow a mustache, but it just won't take.

3. His grey mustache made him look rather distinguished.



A moustache is a strip of facial hair grown on the upper lip.


1. He never leaves the house without styling his moustache.

2. He was known for his handlebar moustache.

3. His moustache twitched as he nervously laughed.

Learn similar and opposite words to spot the difference




1. Bristle

2. Lip fuzz

3. Mo

4. Whiskers

5. Upper lip hair

1. Clean Shaven

2. Goatee

3. Balding

4. Beardless

5. Unfurnished Upper Lip


1. Bristle

2. Lip fuzz

3. Mo

4. Whiskers

5. Upper lip hair

1. Clean-shaven

2. Bare face

3. Goatee

4. Beardless

5. Smooth chin

Tricks for mastery

Useful tips to understand the difference between confusing words "Mustache", "Moustache".

1. Mustache is an American English spelling.

2. Moustache is the British English spelling.

3. To remember that 'moustache' is the British English spelling, remember the phrase 'My British Moustache has 'ou.'

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Frequently asked questions

In what situations should the word 'mustache' be used?

Mustache is a noun that refers to the facial hair that grows on the upper lip of a human. It is generally used in the context of referring to a man's facial hair, although it can also be used to refer to women's facial hair.

When is the appropriate context for using the word 'moustache'?

Moustache is a variant of the word mustache and is used in the same context as its original word. It is a noun that is typically used to refer to a man's facial hair.

Do the two words share the same pronunciation?

Yes, the two words share the same pronunciation. Both are pronounced as 'MUS-tash'.

What are some common mistakes people make when using these words?

One of the most common mistakes people make when using these two words is spelling the word as 'mustash'. This incorrect spelling should be avoided in order to communicate the intended meaning. Additionally, people may confuse the two words and interchangeably use them, as they share the same pronunciation.

Fill in the gaps to check yourself

1. Many classic Hollywood actors sported a _______.

2. In some traditional British regiments, soldiers are required to keep a well-groomed _______.

3. Sherlock Holmes is often depicted with a _______ in various adaptations of Arthur Conan Doyles works.

4. In the American wild west, many cowboys had a _______.

5. The barber in London gave him a trim and styled his _______.

6. Whether in the UK or the US, a _______ is often seen as a sign of distinction.

1. Answer: mustache

Explanation: The clue Hollywood points towards the American spelling of the word.

2. Answer: moustache

Explanation: The mention of British regiments is a clear hint towards the British spelling.

3. Answer: moustache

Explanation: Sherlock Holmes, being a British character and with the mention of Arthur Conan Doyle, a British author, suggests the British spelling.

4. Answer: mustache

Explanation: The American wild west is a strong clue pointing to the American spelling.

5. Answer: moustache

Explanation: The location London indicates the British variant of the word.

6. Answer: moustache/mustache

Explanation: This sentence does not provide a specific clue towards British or American context, so either spelling is acceptable.

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