Christmas-Related Things and Terms

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Christmas is a festive season celebrated around the world, and it comes with its unique vocabulary. If you're learning English, understanding these words will help you celebrate and discuss the holiday like a native. In this article, you'll find the essential Christmas-related things along with their meanings.

Exploring Christmas-Related Things and Terms: A Comprehensive Guide

Christmas Decorations Names

When celebrating Christmas, you will notice various decorations that add sparkle and warmth to the season. These items are essential to the Christmas experience. Understanding Christmas decorations names will help you appreciate the visual splendor of the holiday.

  • Tree: a Christmas symbol; often a pine tree decorated with lights and ornaments.
  • Ornament: a decorative item; hung on a Christmas tree.
  • Tinsel: a shiny decoration often draped on Christmas trees.
  • Wreath: a circular decoration of flowers and leaves; often hung on doors.
  • Stocking: a fabric sock; filled with small gifts and hung on the mantle.
  • Garland: a decorative wreath; often strung around a tree or fireplace.
  • Candle: a small source of light and fire; often used to decorate tables.
  • Nativity Scene: a depiction of Christ's birth; often displayed in homes.
  • Lights: small electric lights; used to decorate trees and houses.
  • Bell: a ringing instrument; used in decorations or songs.
  • Ribbon: a decorative fabric; used to adorn gifts and trees.
  • Angel: a spiritual being; often used as a tree topper.

Now you're equipped with the vocabulary to describe the dazzling array of Christmas-related things. Whether you're admiring a tree or a wreath, these terms will help you share the joy of the season.

Christmas Vocabulary Words for Foods

During Christmas, you'll be invited to enjoy festive foods that are unique to the season. These dishes and drinks hold special significance in the celebrations. Learning these Christmas vocabulary words will help you understand the delicious tradition of the holiday.

  • Turkey: a large bird; commonly roasted and served for Christmas dinner.
  • Mince pie: a small pie; filled with fruits and spices.
  • Eggnog: a creamy drink; made with milk, sugar, and eggs, often spiked with alcohol.
  • Gingerbread: a spiced cookie; often shaped like people or houses.
  • Ham: a type of meat; often served at Christmas dinner.
  • Stuffing: a mixture of bread and spices; used to fill poultry.
  • Cranberry Sauce: a tangy sauce; served with meat.
  • Pudding: a sweet dessert; often served at Christmas.
  • Chestnuts: a type of nut; often roasted during Christmas.
  • Mulled Wine: warm wine with spices; a traditional Christmas drink.
  • Fruitcake: a cake with nuts and fruits; a traditional Christmas dessert.

With these terms, you're ready to sit at the Christmas table with confidence. You'll be able to discuss the different dishes and their flavors and even ask for seconds.

Gifts and Greeting

Christmas is a time for giving, receiving, and sharing warm wishes with others. You'll hear greetings, see gifts exchanged, and experience the joy of sharing. These terms will enable you to actively participate in the tradition of Christmas giving.

  • Present: another word for a gift; wrapped and given at Christmas.
  • Mistletoe: a plant; hung up and associated with kissing beneath it.
  • Caroling: singing Christmas songs; often done door-to-door.
  • Sleigh: a type of sled pulled by horses and used by Santa Claus.
  • Wrapping Paper: decorative paper; used to cover gifts.
  • Christmas Card: a greeting card; sent to wish others a Merry Christmas.
  • Snow Globe: a decorative item; contains a winter scene inside a glass sphere.
  • Tidings: news or greetings; as in "tidings of joy."
  • Gift Exchange: a tradition; people give gifts to each other.
  • Wishlist: a list of desired gifts; often written by children for Santa.

Understanding these terms will allow you to enhance the traditions of Christmas.


Santa Claus and His Helpers

The story of Santa Claus and his helpers is an enchanting part of Christmas folklore. You'll hear tales of Santa's journey, his helpers, and the magic they bring. These terms will let you dive into this whimsical aspect of the holiday.

  • Santa Claus: a jolly character; brings gifts to children on Christmas Eve.
  • Elf: a mythical creature; helps Santa make and deliver presents.
  • Reindeer: a type of deer; known for pulling Santa's sleigh.
  • North Pole: a place; said to be where Santa lives.
  • Sack: a large bag; used by Santa to carry presents.
  • Nice List: a list of well-behaved children; they receive gifts from Santa.
  • Naughty List: a list of misbehaved children; they may not receive gifts.
  • Sled: another word for sleigh; used by Santa.
  • Christmas Eve: the night before Christmas; when Santa delivers presents.
  • Mrs. Claus: Santa's wife; helps with Christmas preparations.

You now know the Christmas words that bring Santa Claus's world to life. Whether you're reading a Christmas story to children or listening to one, these terms will help you to understand the magic of Christmas.

Descriptive Christmas and Winter Words

Christmas is often described with words that evoke specific feelings and images. These descriptive Christmas and winter words paint the festive atmosphere and help you express how the holiday feels. Knowing these Christmas words will enrich your ability to communicate the spirit of the fest.

  • Jolly: cheerful and happy; often used to describe Santa.
  • Merry: joyful; used in the phrase "Merry Christmas."
  • Festive: having a joyful or holiday spirit; describing decorations or atmosphere.
  • Yuletide: relating to Christmas; the Christmas season or festivities.
  • Twinkling: a gentle, intermittent glow; often describing Christmas lights.
  • Snowy: covered in snow; a common winter scene.
  • Cozy: warm and comfortable; often used to describe a home at Christmas.
  • Tradition: a customary practice; often followed during holidays.
  • Frosty: very cold; often used to describe winter weather.
  • Peaceful: calm and serene; often associated with the Christmas spirit.
  • Bright: full of light; often used to describe decorations or a starlit Christmas night.

You've now gained the Chrismas words to express the essence of the holiday. Whether it's a twinkling scene or a cozy evening, these descriptive words allow you to capture the festive moments.

Common Phrases for Christmas

During Christmas, the air is filled with cheer, and the streets are decked out in festive glory. It's a time when people come together, and old acquaintances are never forgotten. During this time, you'll hear idiomatic expressions that are the icing on the cake of the Christmas celebration.

  • "Merry Christmas!": a cheerful greeting, wishing others a joyful Christmas celebration.
  • "Happy Holidays!": an inclusive phrase to wish happiness during the Christmas season and other winter holidays.
  • "Season's Greetings!": a festive expression to convey warm wishes during the holiday season.
  • "May your days be merry and bright!": a heartfelt wish for joy and happiness throughout the holiday season.
  • "Wishing you peace, love, and joy this Christmas.": a thoughtful phrase expressing a wish for essential human virtues during the holiday season.
  • "Joy to the World!": an exclamation of happiness, often associated with a famous Christmas hymn, celebrating joyfulness during Christmas.
  • "Eat, drink, and be merry!": a convivial encouragement to indulge in festive foods and drinks and to enjoy the cheerful spirit of Christmas.

These phrases are often found in Christmas cards, songs, or simply said among friends and family. You can use them to spread holiday cheer and express goodwill during the festive season.


Understanding Christmas vocabulary will make the holiday more enjoyable and help you communicate more effectively with English speakers. Whether you're describing the decorations, sharing a meal, or singing along with carols, these words will help you join in the festivities.

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Tinsel is a shiny decoration often draped on Christmas trees.
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Hi, Iryna ! What is tinsel, and where is it often placed during Christmas?