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English for Work Test

Choose the correct answer:

1. What is a list of items to be discussed or done at a meeting or business event?

2. Which term refers to guidelines that outline the principles, values, standards, or rules of behavior that guide the decisions of an organization?

3. Which department manages everything related to employees, including recruitment and payroll?

4. What is the income a business earns from its normal activities, usually from the sale of goods and services?

5. What is an estimate of income and spendings for a set period of time?

6. Which skill refers to the ability to adjust to new conditions, changes, or challenges?

7. What is a meeting in which specific instructions or information is given?

8. In email communication, what is a file sent along with an email?

9. Which email phrase is a polite and friendly way to start an email?

10. What is the section at the end of an email that contains the sender's name, contact information, and often their role or company?