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Jobs and Occupations Quiz

Choose the correct answer:

1. Who is trained to help people when they are sick?

2. Which profession involves planning, building, or taking care of engines, machines, or buildings?

3. Who is responsible for teaching students and helping them learn?

4. If someone works in a coffee shop and makes and serves coffee, what is their job title?

5. Who writes news stories for newspapers, magazines, or broadcasts them on radio or TV?

6. Which job involves making programs and apps for computers and mobile devices?

7. Who is in charge of an airplane's controls?

8. What is the term for a person who is trained and licensed to make and sell medicines?

9. If someone is working for different companies at different times without being permanently employed by one company, what is their employment status?

10. A student or trainee who works to gain experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification is called?