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Meetings Vocabulary Quiz

Choose the correct answer:

1. What is the term for a list of topics or issues to be discussed in a meeting?

2. Who is the person that leads or prescribes the meeting?

3. What is the official written record of the meeting that includes key decisions and action items?

4. Which term refers to a telephone call involving more than two participants?

5. What does the abbreviation "RSVP" stand for?

6. What is a short meeting where participants typically remain standing to promote efficiency?

7. Which term is used when you want to introduce a new topic or issue during a meeting?

8. What term is used towards the end of a meeting to allow participants to raise additional topics?

9. What is the term for a task assigned during the meeting to a participant?

10. Which term refers to a strict end time for the meeting, beyond which it cannot continue?