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Negotiating in Business Test

Choose the correct answer:

1. Who is a person involved in discussions to reach an agreement and typically represents a party's interests?

2. What is the underlying need, desire, or concern that motivates a party's position in a negotiation?

3. Which term refers to a specific action or maneuver to gain an advantage during a negotiation?

4. In negotiations, what is a tactic where one negotiator appears supportive and understanding while the other seems aggressive and uncompromising?

5. Which negotiation style seeks to satisfy both parties' interests and often leads to win-win outcomes?

6. What is the advantage that puts one in a dominant position in negotiations, often due to control over valuable resources?

7. In negotiations, what is the acronym for "Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement"?

8. Which term describes a situation in negotiations where no party is willing to compromise further?

9. What is a process where a neutral third party helps the negotiating parties to reach an agreement?

10. In negotiations, what is an idea or plan suggested for acceptance as a starting point?