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Each credit gives you a 25-minute lesson. You can combine it for longer sessions — 25, 50, or 90 minutes.

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What people say about Emily


It was very interactive and I was encouraged to speak clearly and to not care about my French accent. I also need to work on both vocabulary and grammar

Farahnaz Ghazavi

I enjoyed the class and like to continue.I really like to focus on daily life conversations and job discutions.

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People often ask

What will I pay for?

By purchasing a subscription you will be getting access to 4, 8 or 12 online tutor sessions per month. All sessions are done one-on-one in live format. You will be taught by hand picked certified tutors, who can help you level up your English no matter what level you are at, be it beginner or advanced.

Who are the tutors?

Our tutors come from all around the world and are all certified to teach English as a foreign language. Each tutor goes through numerous and constant quality checks to make sure you are provided with the best service possible. Based on your test answers we will pick the perfect tutor to teach you and to develop your course program.

Can I try out the service before I buy the Subscription?

Of course! Before committing to the full month, you are welcome to try us out in our 7-day trial. When you subscribe, you will be able to book one trial lesson during the week to see what our lessons are like. During the lesson the tutor will deep dive into understanding your personal wishes and goals to help guide you through the program.

Would I be able to cancel the subscription?

We understand that you worry about your money. In fact, we worry about your money too! That's why we offer a 7-day trial period, when you can book one lesson and see our tutors in action. If you decide to cancel the subscription during the trial period, then you will not be charged with the monthly subscription payment. The cancellation process is simple and can be done straight from your personal account. As we provide the trial, refund is not available on a regular basis.To learn more about the cancelation process, you can read our Subscription Terms.

What happens after I pay?

After your payment is completed, you will be redirected to a calendar, where you can book your first trial lesson. You may choose any time convenient to you within the 7-day trial period. Once you choose the date and time, you can choose your preferable location for the online class to take place (Zoom or Google Meet). Once the lesson is booked, you will be forwarded to your personal account, where you can manage your personal data and subscriptions. All additional information and conformations will be sent to your email.

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