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Robertina Dedaj

Prof. Lalit, hmmm... the first time to learn without fear, without pressure.By the way, I finished my studies a long time ago, a long time ago... and my brain fell asleep slowly, she woke me up so much that I can’t describe it to you.If all your teachers are like Professor Lilit, then you are the best school in the world. If the rating is for her from 1-10, Lilit has an 11.

Kurkova Jana

that was great and beneficial. thanks

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What will I pay for?

By purchasing a subscription you will be getting access to 2, 4, 6 or 8 online tutor sessions per month. All sessions are done one-on-one in live format. You will be taught by hand picked certified tutors, who can help you level up your English no matter what level you are at, be it beginner or advanced.

Who are the tutors?

Our tutors come from all around the world and are all certified to teach English as a foreign language. Each tutor goes through numerous and constant quality checks to make sure you are provided with the best service possible. Based on your test answers we will pick the perfect tutor to teach you and to develop your course program.

What materials do you use?

We use materials from Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press, so your lessons will always involve exciting up-to-date topics to discuss. You don’t need to purchase any additional materials for your online English group classes – our teacher will be providing everything.
Materials cover all language levels and focus on real-world situations. Tutors for English language learner groups at Promova always come up with new tools and study aids to help you succeed, so expect lots of fun presentations and engaging activities. 

Would I be able to cancel the subscription?

We understand that you worry about your money. In fact, we worry about your money too! The cancellation process is simple and can be done straight from your personal account. To learn more about the cancelation process, you can read our Subscription Terms.

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