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gerund is a form of a verb that is always used as a noun. It is made by adding the suffix '-ing' to the verb. A gerund always takes the direct object of the verb, if any. It can be used as the subject of a sentence (e.g. 'Fishing is his hobby'), the object of a preposition (e.g. 'We are good at playing'), and as the complement of a linking verb (e.g. 'My religion is praying').

Gerunds are typically used when the verb describes a habit, an activity, or an enjoyment. They are not used to refer to actions that are finished or occurrences that happen once.

1. Learning French is an investment worth considering.

2. Teaching is her passion.

3. Shopping is so much fun.

it is important to remember that gerunds are always used as nouns and not verbs. It is also important to note the spelling distinction between present participles (ending in -ing) and gerunds (also ending in -ing). While present participles are used as adjectives and used to describe nouns, gerunds are nouns in and of themselves. Finally, gerunds cannot be modified with adverbs.

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