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an accident is an event that is unexpected and occurs with no apparent cause. It is an unpredictable, unintended, and unplanned event that can often lead to serious harm or injury. Accidents can involve physical and psychological damage, and are often a result of carelessness, neglect, or recklessness.

'accident' can be used to refer to physical incidents such as car crashes, as well as abstract incidents such as financial losses. In grammar, the noun can be either singular or plural, depending on the context.

1. I was just in a car accident this morning.

2. His financial losses were the result of an unexpected accident.

3. We accidently ate too many hot dogs at the fair.

'accident' is often used in the passive voice to emphasize their unexpected nature. Additionally, when using the word as an attributive noun, such as 'accident victims' it is always singular.

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