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affect is a noun that refers to the effect of a feeling or action upon a person or object. It is something that can be felt on an emotional or physical level. Examples

the effect of the cold weather on his health, the feelings of disappointment that affect her decision-making, and the ripple affect of a major change.

sentences should include a form of the verb ‘to affect’ when using the word as a noun. The noun ‘affect’ should not be confused with the verb ‘effect’, which is used to describe the action of having an influence on something.

1. The chill in the air seemed to affect his breathing.

2. Her fear of the unknown affected her choice of words.

3. The approval of the public had a significant affect on his reputation.

when used as a noun, affect should not be confused with the word ‘effect’ - which is commonly misused in its place. It’s also important to note that affect can be both a physical or an emotional feeling.


affect is a verb which means to act upon or have an influence on an object or person (or to produce a change in). Examples of use cases include

the emotional state of an individual influencing their behavior, the behavior of an individual influencing an outcome, or a change in the environment affecting the performance of a task.

‘affect’ is often confused with the noun ‘effect’, though they have different meanings and uses. ‘Affect’ must always be used in its transitive form with an object.

1. The difficult situation affected his ability to concentrate on the task.

2. The applause affected the actors’ performances.

3. The increased workload affected their motivation.

be careful not to confuse ‘affect’ with the noun ‘effect’. ‘Affect’ is used to refer to the action of influencing something, and it must always be used in its transitive form. In addition, remember that ‘affect’ can be used to describe emotional or physical effects.

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