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alliteration is a stylistic literary device in which a series of words in a sentence all begin with the same consonant sound. It adds rhythm, emphasis, and greater impact to a phrase or sentence.

alliteration is most commonly used to emphasize certain words or phrases and is seen frequently in poetry. Alliteration should be used sparingly, as too much of it quickly becomes overbearing.

1. The soft silk scarf slid slowly along the slippery slide.

2. The crowing cockerel crazily crowed on the coat of the clouds.

3. Peter Pilgrim patted the plump piglet with pleasure.

alliteration should never be overly blatant, forced, or excessively employed. Instead, use it as a nuanced technique to draw attention to certain words and phrases. Additionally, pay attention to the connection between the first letter and its linguistic appropriateness.

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