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the noun 'ambition' can refer to a strong drive or determination to achieve goals, both in professional and personal spheres. It is often associated with a desire for success or fame, although it can also refer to more everyday goals or ambitions. For example, a person can have the ambition to learn a new language, to become a masterchef, or to travel around the world.

1. He works hard to achieve his ambition of becoming a CEO.

2. She has a great ambition to write a novel one day.

3. I have an ambition to make a positive change in my community.

When using 'ambition' as a noun, be careful to distinguish it from its near-synonym 'aspiration' in order to convey precise meaning. While 'ambition' implies an assertive and determined drive to achieve our aspirations, 'aspiration' can refer to more loosely-defined goals or dreams. It’s also important to recognize that 'ambition' can sometimes be viewed as a negative quality if it leads to unscrupulous methods to satisfy our desires.


the verb 'ambition' can be used to mean the act or process of actively working towards a goal. It implies a drive and determination to reach a certain objective. It can be used both in positive and negative contexts, to describe goal-oriented activity that is either commendable or dubious.

1. We should never ambition something that we have no chance of achieving.

2. She ambitions to be a successful scientist and is working hard to make her dreams come true.

when converting 'ambition' into a verb, be mindful of any nuances of meaning that the word acquires. In casual conversation, 'ambition' as a verb can also take on a tint of aspiration, which lacks the resourcefulness and proactiveness that sets ambition apart. Additionally, depending on context, the verb form of 'ambition' can also convey a sense of recklessness or ambitioning for something that may be impossible.

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