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Nouns are a part of speech that name people, animals, places, things, feelings, and ideas. A noun can be used as a subject, object, or complement in a sentence. In the case of 'bother,' it is used to refer to something that causes difficulty, worry, or trouble.

1. He's never been much of a bother to anyone.

2. Don't be a bother to yourself with trying to understand it.

When used as a noun, 'bother' is more common in the negative and implies difficulty.


verbs are a part of speech that express action or state of being. The verb form of 'bother' is used to mean to annoy, harass, or cause trouble for somebody.

1. I don't want to bother him with this problem.

2. He bothers me every time I'm trying to work.

3. He bothered her into telling him where she was going that night.

when used as a verb, 'bother' tends to carry a feeling of annoyance or harassment. Additionally, one might 'bother to do something' in order to show effort or understanding, typically in the negative. For instance, 'I don't bother to understand' or 'I don't bother to learn.'

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