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Christmas is a noun which refers to the Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus. This holiday typically falls in late December and is widely celebrated as a religious and cultural holiday across the world.

rules and use cases associated with this noun mostly revolve around activities and customs specific to this holiday—attending religious services, sending cards and gifts, decorating one's home, etc.

1. This Christmas, my family will be gathering for a dinner party.

2. I'm making a list of all the gifts I need to get for Christmas.

tips, nuances, and common mistakes for using 'Christmas' as a noun include added words such as 'the'. The phrase 'the Christmas' is grammatically incorrect and should be avoided. Additionally, 'Christmas' should always be capitalized.


Christmas can also be used as an adjective, which is used to describe a thing or feeling related to the Christmas holiday. For example, one might describe a particular dish as 'Christmas-y' or have 'Christmas cheer.'

rules and use cases associated with this adjective mostly revolve around adjectives that describe things which are solely related to the Christmas holiday—or, in other words, have 'Christmas vibes.'

1. When I walked in the door, I was instantly hit with a wave of Christmas cheer.

2. It's the most wonderful time of the year to get into the Christmas spirit!

3. The tree looked so beautiful, with its Christmas ornaments draped all over it.

tips, nuances, and common mistakes for using 'Christmas' as an adjective include ensuring that you're describing something specific to Christmas, such as decorations or experiences that give off Christmas vibes. Additionally, you should also make sure that the word 'Christmas' is hyphenated when used as an adjective.

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