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as a verb, 'clarified' denotes the action of making something clearer or easier to understand. It can also refer to the process of purifying a substance.

'clarified' is used to indicate that the action of clarifying has already taken place in the past. It can refer to the clarification of ideas, statements, concepts, or even substances like butter (in culinary contexts).

She clarified her stance on the issue during yesterday's meeting.

The teacher clarified the complex topic with a simple explanation.

For the recipe, you'll need clarified butter.

'clarified' is the past tense, so it should be used to describe actions that have already been completed. Don't confuse 'clarified' with 'clear.' While both relate to the concept of understanding or transparency, 'clarified' specifically indicates the action or process of making something clear. In culinary contexts, 'clarified' often refers to a process where butter is melted and the water and milk solids are removed, leaving behind pure butterfat.

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