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class is a noun that typically refers to a group of students of the same level learning a subject together. For example, a 'math class' would be a grouping of students from the same grade learning math from the same teacher. Depending on the context, class can also mean social status, such as when referring to a particular group of people having higher social standing than others.

rules and use cases for class as a noun also apply to other words that are related to the concept of 'class', such as 'classroom', 'classmate', and 'classification'.

1. My English class meets every Tuesday and Thursday.

2. I have a class of twenty sixth-graders this year.

3. He comes from a wealthy class of people.

be aware of the context when using the word 'class' so as to avoid any confusion or potential misinterpretations between its usage as a class group and social status. When referring to a group of people, consider adding a qualifier such as 'social' or 'wealthy' before 'class' if that is the intended meaning.

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