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an adjective is a describing word that modifies or describes a noun or pronoun. 'Dangerous' is an adjective that modifies the subject to convey a sense of risk or potential harm. Use cases for this word when used as an adjective may take the form of physical harm, such as describing something as 'dangerous' if it carries a risk of injury, or emotional harm, such as a 'dangerous situation.'

rules associated with this word include its placement in relation to the modified noun or pronoun, as well as its appropriate comparison when used in comparison. It is important to note that adjectives cannot be used in the place of nouns or pronouns.

1. The dangerous creature lurked in the shadows.

2. She had to be careful in this dangerous situation.

3. The dangerous road gave us pause.

when using 'dangerous' as an adjective, be sure to avoid any doubling up of the word, such as 'dangerous dangerous.' Additionally, when using the word in comparison, it is appropriate to use words such as 'more' or 'less' to describe the relative degree of danger. For example, it is correct to say 'more dangerous' or 'less dangerous.'

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