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everyone is a pronoun that is used to refer to all the members of a group of people, regardless of their individual identities. For example, you would say 'everyone likes ice cream' to refer to an entire group of people liking ice cream.

1. Everyone is always singular, and never plural.

2. Everyone can be used to refer to people of all ages or genders.

3. Everyone is used to refer to the entirety of a group.

1. Everyone in the office was required to take the COVID-19 safety course.

2. Everyone needs time to relax and unwind.

3. Everyone was invited to the party.

1. Everyone is always singular - avoid using 'everyones' or 'everybodys' instead.

2. Everyone is used to refer to all individuals in a group, not just one person. Avoid using it to refer to only one person.

3. Everyone is used to refer to a collective group - avoid using it when referring to only one individual.

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