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an eye is a noun that means a sensory organ responsible for vision in organisms. It acts as a receptor, processing light and images and relaying signals to the brain. It also has a tear-producing system to lubricate and protect the eye.

1. The eyes of the children were filled with delight when they saw the petting zoo.

2. The eagle had sharp eyes that picked out its prey quickly.

3. Our eyes dilated in the dark room.

the eye is also used to refer to one's power of vision, attention, or ability to observe; in such senses, the word is often used with an adjective such as 'sharp' or 'keen'. For example, 'She is a sharp-eyed observer'.


to eye is to look at with close or intense attention, usually with suspicion or disapproval.

to eye is often used in place of to look at or to regard with suspicion or disapproval. It can also be used as a transitive verb, followed by a noun.

1. The teacher eyed the student suspiciously.

2. She eyed the dessert with anticipation.

3. The couple eyed each other across the dance floor.

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